When Did You Dodge A Bullet By Avoiding Someone? (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories)

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    ► When Did You Dodge A Bullet By Avoiding Someone? (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories)
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    1. Storytime With Reddit

      Thanks for watching everyone!

      1. Throttle Kitty

        @NurturingTalents You're the one triggered here. It's 2020, homophobia makes you a whiny screeching baby, angry other people can exist in your previous little snowflake world.

      2. NurturingTalents

        Throttle Kitty triggered infant, go back to your safe space

      3. Akihito007

        @Throttle Kitty Well at least you can't join other God haters and murder him for not celebrating your love of sexual depravity.

      4. Throttle Kitty

        Good job favoriting a crazy homophobic comment, asshole. I'll be blocking your channel to stop it from appearing in my feeds in future.

      5. Owen Boyd

        This boi liked his own comment.

    2. Holiest Ravioli

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1006">16:46</a> thats cause no one wants to go online and talk about what they did wrong. They want everyone to see them as perfect humans who are always in the right.

    3. princess butterbean

      "don't date your coworkers" I'm now engaged to a guy a worked with for a bit

    4. Golden_Leader 92

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="95">01:35</a> oh, i can relate so much to this...

    5. Amorettezee

      My friend had a boyfriend who gave me really bad vibes, I always avoided hanging around him and didn't hang with my friend for months causes he was always with her. He ended up abusing and sexually assaulting her, I was told a year after they broke up he wanted to get with me (a 13 year old at the time) so glad I trusted my instinct.

    6. 782000 1

      Why is there so many fuckin ads

    7. trekami

      When you want to have a close family but not Appalachian hillbilly close

    8. •yami 246•

      Omg lmao I got a story. About a month ago I was supposed to go smoking with my friends after school. Once we got off the bus my two friends went to one's house and I went home to drop my stuff off, I saw my dad and he told me I couldn't go to my friend's house because I had a quince class to go to. Turns out I didnt have my class that day but I found out that my friends got caught hot boxing her room by one's dad after he got off of work early.

    9. KatzyKins

      Okay but what country do they give you life for r*pe? Because I wanna move there >:3

    10. moni_mouse

      Super lame but when I was in high school. my freshman year best friend started dating a senior boy. It ended up stiring up lots of drama with the upperclassmen(senior girls). We used to walk to our classes together but since she had a new boyfriend and I didn’t want to be a third wheel I would walk alone. She became very cocky about her relationship so I started avoiding her during passing periods and lunch time. During the first week of me avoiding her, she was cornered and got her a** kicked by a group of girls. I didn’t know that it happened until later that afternoon. I felt bad about what happened but also relieved that I wasn’t hanging around her anymore. She got pregnant by the senior boy later that year.

    11. Tasha Ms SweetTea S.

      My mom tried to hook me up with a guy(she knew his dad). He was very successful and seemed nice but I just didn't like him. Went out with him once and he got super clingy. I stopped talking to him and he eventually stopped trying. Fast forward a few years, he was arrested for murder. He shot a veteran after a road rage incident with his girlfriend in the car🤦🏾‍♀️He sold his car and got away with it for a while. He threatened the gf and kept his thumb on her, she eventually got up the nearve to tell the cops what happened 😞 He's in jail now.

    12. Abby Sith

      Very, very mild compared to most of these. I briefly dated a girl I was taking university classes with, she was very energetic and funny and we seemed to click right away. We dated for just over a month and then she broke it off by text because her therapist told her it was a bad idea for her to be in a relationship. She had a lot of health problems and severe depression, anxiety, and was trying to work out her gender identity (I'm still not sure where that eventually landed but I think "she" is the correct pronoun). We stayed in touch even after she dropped out of uni because of her health, and I noticed that even just following her on facebook began to be draining. She is one of those people who cannot just casually like things, she has to be absolutely, screamingly obsessed with everything, which I started to find exhausting. I eventually realized that the relationship would have crashed and burned because I would not have coped well with someone who has to be that obsessive all the time. I'm glad things ended early while we still liked each other.

    13. samiam2088

      Herpes is an unfortunate annoyance, not a marriage certificate to a crazy person for life.

    14. Infinty koi

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="350">5:50</a> its obvious he saw the dog as his child and when you said he was aggresive he got mad becuase thats like saying your daughter is insane and you locked her in a room to him.

      1. Infinty koi

        @TSprong well up to that point those supposed daughter had never done anything wroung and in his eye was a perfect little angel while OP was regular netrual and wich would you believe your perfect daughter or your roomate.

      2. TSprong

        so what? If someone said my daughter had attacked and hurt them I would still be worried for them like a normal person. like, what happened and are you okay and stuff.

    15. Tara Wright

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1140">19:00</a> I really want to know which country she lives in where they take sexual assault that seriously because mine really sucks in that department. I would love to live wherever that person does. For instance, the man who assaulted a 7 year old relative of mine was simply questioned and released by the police when it was reported. A couple years later, he admitted to assaulting two other little girls in a much more dramatic fashion. He was sentenced to 4 years in prison, which, in this country, means he would spend 2/3 of that time in actual prison. So ya, 2 years and 8 months for shattering the lives of at least 3 sweet, innocent, little girls. If ever there was a good reason to lock someone up for life, I would say that was it.

    16. Demon Eyes

      The story at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="602">10:02</a> hit too close to home. A former friend did the same thing.

    17. Mike McGomer

      I was in Toronto for two weeks, came back and found out my buddy's ex had been killed and found in a dumpster. An old man I knew they called *Old Dick told me my friend did it and not to hang with him anymore. Dick did 20 years in Louisbourg Penn and was Hoiffa's protector in there I heard. He was suspected of a few murders and convicted of Manslaughter in Canada. He said things like never leave a body without one in the head.... One day the 71 year old Dick shot George Harris in the chest and when he fell went to finish with one to the head, the gun jammed and the guy told on Dick he was arrested and got 18 Months, apparently his file was missing... George ended up getting 25 years for two other murders..Too bad Dick missed here's a picture of old Dick news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1946&dat=19711021&id=7YY1AAAAIBAJ&sjid=5qEFAAAAIBAJ&pg=6977,2530257&hl=en I kid you not

    18. Kira Aisling

      What is with the thumbnails? Margot Robbie in 2013? Sounds like bullet dodged story to me!

    19. D64nz

      For the new people, if someone new calls and tells you they are suicidal, and you are wondering what to do. The first stage is hang up and call the crisis centre, and let them know what is going on. Suicidal is not a casual thing friends can deal with, ever. The deeper you get into this the more harm you are doing, so get out early and get the real help to them fast. If you try to go it alone you will almost always get it wrong. If soething happens then it is on you and that will stay with you the rest of your life. Much better to get the professional on to it right away. Also if someone threatens suicide, that's on them and not you. You can NEVER save someone from suicide, it's always their own actions. It is literally impossible. Sure you might slow it down but if they are committed they will succeed. You have zero chance to save them in the long run. You can not be with them 24 hours of the day, 7 days of the week.

    20. Tiger 844

      The amount of ads in this is ridiculous

    21. [King Kobrai]

      Im starting a “photoshopping-hats-onto snakes” cult. Anyone wanna join?

      1. Athomas Eternallove

        XD yes

    22. Just Kibby

      When 2 of my friend were hanging out without me they got house arrest for attempted murder for throwing snowballs off an over pass onto the interstate.

    23. Bob Bob

      I went to a party and left bc it felt sketchy. Not even 5 mins after I left there was a shooting. 1 died and a handful or more got injured

    24. Handsome Jack

      More like dodging a radioactive missel.

    25. Kitsco 45

      Oh pfft I know several people and had several experiences dodges a bullet. One was a group of guys that was smoking (NOT WEED. A guess it may have been meth) but said it was. Luckily there was a spider on my friends arm and we left. If that giant fuckingn spider wasn’t there eh. my stupid ass would have smoked that

    26. Vote Saxon

      I dated a coworker. We're married now with a 3 year old.

    27. Lana

      When i found out one of my best friends was looking down on me. I worked in a grocery store, she studied.. An more things like that

    28. generic gamer

      Droo ugs

    29. B DADDY

      Met this rave couple(that should say enough)complained that they wouldn’t play rave music at a wine fair. Guy has sex with his gf when they first met in his back seat as she was passing out but she said it was ok cus they where both high.

    30. baten kaitos

      I see a good point with <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1009">16:49</a> Accounting for both sides can be difficult.

    31. TheLittleSyrune

      This makes me less depressed that I have no friends. I don't have to worry about bullets lmao.

    32. What happened was

      Herpes is not AIDS HIV people, you can and should see it as an annoying reoccurring chicken pox related skin condition that can affect the mouth , genitals , and sometimes even the fingers.

    33. What happened was

      When he said, that I'm not worth the bullet.

    34. Art-Tastic Creations

      I think proactively. I don't hang out around people so they won't have to dodge me.

    35. Julia Joerger

      I dodged a gun fight. Never hang out with a guy who says; “So....do you have a boyfriend???” Only five seconds after meeting you. Let alone actually go out with said guy. Dude goes through girlfriends like no ones business because he treats them like trash and last I heard he was in jail for domestic assault charges and had a restraining order against him plus TWO temporary restraining orders.

    36. julian schanofski

      Tbh thats Not Homophobic that's reasonable.

      1. heck life

        controlling how your partner dresses and not allowing them to go to harmless events because of your own beliefs is almost never reasonable

    37. Purnama Pardede

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="70">1:10</a> he's gonna fucking die and yall gonna give him 6.9k only?

    38. K. Charrette

      The guy who was growing grey hair for a bit reminds me of a thing I had forgotten. I had an ex who said if I kept living the way I did, I'd be dead by 30 from stress. Dumped her ass way back in 2012, am 29, somehow have not died from stress

    39. Namjoon sold my jams for 3 dollars

      I stopped hanging out with that toxic friend and got closer to my best friend (I was mean to her because of that toxic friend) and I wouldn’t trade my best friend for anyone

    40. Tommy Lyczko

      "I was in a youth church group" Me: Oh no.

    41. amazing

      cant seem to find u/FatherCarp (terminal cancer) on reddit :(

    42. Brett Symons

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="450">7:30</a> as a Dom (which, going by the user name I assume that guy is), way too many masochists (not that its my thing) are replacing therapy with kink.

    43. Rousettus

      Oof, okay. I was really into a guy my senior year of high school and he was telling people he liked me too. Our friends set us up on a blind date to our homecoming dance and we went on a couple dates afterwards that went well too. Things were good until one day at school he tried to prank me with something really gross (won't go into that now) and pissed me off enough about it I cut ties. A few years later I was watching the news and it turns out he was a meth dealer and killed himself in a bust gone bad. I dodged a serious bullet there.

    44. ajk496

      Censors drugs... but not druggie

    45. Heyward Shepherd

      You did the right thing because you didn't want to die from a heart attack OR a cardiac arrest? 😂 No no you don't want one of those happening to you.

    46. Beatriz Zacharias

      Had a really close friend back in highschool but in your last year I found out he would talk shit about me behind my back and would basically tag along to get good grades on papers. Never told him I found out, just started giving the cold treatment in the last months until we graduated. I don't have Facebook so is hard to keep track, but last time I saw he had a pretty ordinary life and couldn't keep a gf for half a year.

    47. Big D Ron

      There is nothing wrong with dating co-workers, in some towns it's the only way to get laid lol

    48. Your Dad

      There was a kid that was a friend of my friend, and I never really liked to be around when he was around , to make this short he ended up killing his mom, made national news, and even dragged my two friends down with him. One of while is out on bond and still waiting for his pre trial a long while after.

    49. HereLeeGo

      When to an Atmosphere gig in London last year, met a few people, they asked if I wanted to go back to their house after & party. I'm usually stupid and would have went but it just didn't feel right, so I dipped out headed to my hotel. Three of them got charged with murdering a teenager in the early hours of that morning. Read about it on the news a few days after I got home. Good decision brain, I thank you this time.

    50. Trippy Spoons

      Had a boyfriend I was guilted into having whom I didn’t like and he threatened to kill himself if I did anything wrong. I was 15 and was stressing out so I gave my mom my phone and asked for help. She texted him “we’re done. I’m breaking up with you” he begged and threatened. My mom said “do it. I don’t care anymore” then turned my phone off for the night. He’s still alive today btw

    51. Mooshroom

      Dated a guy who only wanted to sext and had a reputation for cheating and ignored my feelings after a week of dating i just ghosted him after realizing how shitty of person he was he also lied about being a trans woman for attention so yeah (we were both 13) people on discord are wacky

    52. OH HULIO NO JULIO Yeet

      There was a new girl at my school who initially seemed like a good person to hang out with. So I arranged for us to hang out, we were going to meet at the train station so we could take the train together into the city. I arrived at 9am our original time. I waited an hour, then another hour all the way till noon. She didn’t turn up and I messaged her asking where she was and she told me she was in the car park, I viewed her Instagram story and she was still in bed at home playing with her dog. Turns out she’s a crackhead and that all came out pretty much after she didn’t turn up to hang out. I believe I dodged a bullet because the people that she hangs out with skip school and smoke all day. Shout out to my guardian angels

    53. Rayzorbladez

      Herpes are now OURpes

    54. Eight Jane

      "Wolf/husky" sure bud

      1. Eight Jane

        @TSprong I know they do. But most people that claim they have wolf/dog mixes actually dont. They are just regular dogs. A lot of breeders will label their puppies as part wolf when they arent

      2. TSprong

        why so skeptical. Those breeds exist you know.

    55. J M

      I nearly got caught up with a person who broke into someone's house because of some issues between the two of them. Because I didn't go, Im lucky enough to have not caught a breaking and entering charge, and that person is stuck on probation, trying to lure people into his apartment with parties and cocaine so he can rob them. No one's falled for his obvious deceptions yet.

    56. KatQueen01 {Bleh}

      Met this one person that everyone else was chill with. But I got big bad vibes from him and avoided him at all cost. I became friends with his ex and found out that he was abusive to her. And now I still avoid him.

    57. LolaMyers Xo

      Looking back on an old friendship she was toxic asf and manipulative.

    58. funnyblog100

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="838">13:58</a> Okay I am a Christian man and since I believe that god is the ultimate judge I prefer to leave the judgement to him. If god has a problem with it I will let god deal with it since I don't trust myself to deal with these things. One of my best friends is a lesbian and we can agree to disagree. So be gay, trans, whatever just don't drag me into it or expect me to endorse it. I think that is fair. I mean if god is all powerful which I believe he is he doesn't need other people to take it upon themselves to do his job for him.

    59. Major-Xeno Fouquereaux

      wow! wish the US had stricter attempted "grape" laws.

    60. Julia Homola

      I went to my friend’s dorm for a game night, and found his roommate super attractive. He was friendly and charming too. A few weeks later he gets expelled for threatening to shoot his ex. He even had a rifle. So glad I didn’t try to pursue anything!

      1. Rhaenyra Targaryen

        @Jon Bell literally.

      2. Jon Bell

        Bullet dodged!

    61. Yae Matsuki

      I used to make frequent trips to California to visit family and friends, I made a new good friend on one of my visits. Heard rumors of him and minors within the first month of me associating with him. A few months later I am at a party with him and others, coincidentally there is an underage girl at this party, which later found out, he personally invited to the party. The day after the party, the underage girl accuses the guy of sexually abusing her. I reported the entire incident to local police and FBI. At this point, stopped being friends with him. Well come to find out, some time after I reported it, detectives from LAPD and FBI leave me voicemails wanting to talk about this guy and the reported incident. Came to find out he's personally involved in CP and child trafficking, on top of that his family are involved in various illegal things which I won't name. Although, red flags were ignored in the past, it is needless to say an even bigger situation was most definitely avoided.

    62. Frank Mackie

      @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="693">11:33</a> How was the dude in the coffee shop dressed in women's clothes not the issue? The would be the first red flag that something isn't right upstairs!

      1. Isabella Morris

        Ehh I'm a girl who wears men's clothes. And guys have been wearing makeup for decades (not to mention drag acts). I'd be pretty cool with it.

    63. Downhill

      I went on holiday with friends from school and this was around 10th grade. Long story short I get to know a girl and we exchange couple of flirty conversations. I learn later that day she was an ex of one of my best friends whom I respect more than some pussy. So I stopped flirting with her and found out next year that she got married, had her first child and graduated high school at the same time. Sometimes I wonder if she was a crazy b*tch and would have wanted kids with me if we got together.

    64. Natalie Wagner

      When I was 19 5 of my friends ( I was close with one) went on a road trip to go to a party a few cities away. Me and another friend were bummed we weren't invited because we had told them about it. Turns out the driver, drunk and on prescription pills, hit another car at 100mph speed only an hour into the drive. Killed the mother and child in the other car and 2 (including close friend) of the people in his. The other 3 were on life support and medically induced comas for months. Last time I seen the driver (17) he was in a wheelchair and a Halo neck brace crying while awaiting trial for quadruple vehicular homicide among other charges. Safe to say it was a stoke of luck I wasn't invited. RIP G and M

    65. Ostavia Hylton

      I remember one of my first dates, met this guy on tinder and he was a pilot. He told me to take a Uber to his house and we’ll go to a club. So I had this elderly Uber driver so he couldn’t read the gps. So we missed the exit turnpike, I was texting the guy saying I’m scared and idk where I am and should I call 911. My date said “so you’re not coming? Wowww you’re really dramatic, and just come.” I told him I was serious and sent him the gps by this time I’m by Yeehaw junction. He said “ just come tell him to drop me off at his house which was 1hr away by this time. He really didn’t care I stopped texting him and I was asking my kidnapper a whole bunch of questions. He was so scared really nice old man with a rich son. We finally ended up turning around I left <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="450">7:30</a> got home 10 something they charged me 160 but they reimbursed me. The date was such a dick and kept calling and texting me saying he was a sorry 😐 for months. He knew I was alive because I told him off everytime.

    66. Jak 472

      I met this girl in like 5th grade and she seemed really cool, we became friends but I slowly started hanging out with other people. In 7th grade she wrote a message to his ex boyfriend about how she wanted to make him remember her by thinking the pain she had made him go through, she wanted to burn him, she wanted to make him cry, and other things of that sort. You can be pretty sure I am not going to talk to her again.

    67. Kevin Karlsson

      Oh yeah, and the shit's always tried to say i ratted them out. kind of hard to rat someone out when you aren't hanging around with them. It turns out a girl in our group was a paid informant.

    68. Kevin Karlsson

      With me, it was a group of friends who every time I decided to not hang out with them they always got arrested and went to juvie or got put on probation.

    69. 6dig-S 61

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="879">14:39</a> What gets me about the "I was right" is that entire stories could be told in that sentence.

    70. gaseous clay

      When I was 18 I almost married this really toxic girl... I was living a party lifestyle and getting into all sorts not so great things. She ended up cheating on me with my best friend's wife's brother on valentine's day. I got stuck paying off our combi ed debts. Fast forward 20 yrs she a drug addict ted crack mom. Several kids by several different dudes. I had since become a nurse and was working in a methadone clinic. Guess who came in?. Shed gotten overweight and used up. Eas pretty much unemployable due to her assorted problems. Her oldest kid was from the guy she cheated on me with. The lesson is even though it might seem to suck in the moment it often turns out to be just what you needed

    71. The_Vladiator 1221

      I used to hang around a group of people who were very bad influences on me. They’d often convince me to do dangerous things to make some quick cash, and I already didn’t take much care in my personal safety to begin with. About a month ago they dared me to wait until a semi was going by and try touching it for $400, which I did. Before I get any hate or anything, hear me out. I went to an intersection in town that I knew semis frequent and waited until one stopped at a red light. Once it turned green I went up and touched it. That was kinda sketchy for me until I thought of that, but only a couple weeks ago they had an offer “I couldn’t resist.” For $1,000 I had to play Russian roulette, and that’s where I drew the line and I decided that I needed to stop hanging around them. I know I didn’t exactly make the best decisions, but in the end I literally dodged a bullet. Edit: trying to fix my spelling errors because I’m an ape

    72. DrHillbillyShow

      I used to rent a room from a single guy who owned his own house. I thought he had his life together. I was being called to active duty military from the reserve. Not long after I moved all my stuff out he gets busted for selling weed to a girl who was a C.I. wearing a wire... the cops raid his house and he also had coke. Turns out he was a high functioning drug user - he only got high on weekends and kept a good paying job.

    73. LOLSflint

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="208">3:28</a> holy shit this was in Canada I go to the CNE sometimes

    74. Charlotte Adshead

      I'm interested what country mentioned in the last story has a law where you can get a life sentence for attempted rape. Should be harsher punishments for anything sexual assault related in every country.

      1. Leah Ebert

        @Beatriz Zacharias then the problem isn't the punishment, it's that the judge can hold a job without giving fair punishments. Sorry, but the judges who give rapists 6 months probation just shouldn't be judges. It's the fact that people who think rapists only deserve that little are still employed in our "justice" system.

      2. Beatriz Zacharias

        If with the current punishments 70% of the rapists still get free, imagine if it was harder? Even fewer victims would try cause unless is a pretty set in stone case most judges would second guess send the guy for life, specially if is one of those college kids that play futball or have a rich family.

    75. Dorko

      I had a "friend" in middle school who was very mean to me. (I at the time was a girl) and she would bully me saying "if I didn't wear skimpy lady clothes no guys would date me" (I ended up having more successful relationships than her) Any way start of high school. I stopped hanging around her. Our junior year she does the following: Date a 25 yo man Supports PETA Is transphobic and homophobic but claims to be BI. And LAUGHED at the fact our best friend k!lled herself. DEFINITELY dodged the bullet. She's doing so poorly now that nobody wants to be her real friend. I turned out to be Pansexual and A Trans man so thank you E for bullying the crap out of me.

    76. Forever Loving

      Attempted rape gets you a life sentence?! IT NEEDS TO BE LIKE THAT EVERYWHERE!!

    77. Chris Azmo

      I was friends with twin brothers in 2016, but slowly distanced myself when they dabbled in heavy drugs. 2017: One shot the other in the head.

    78. The Creepy Cuck

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="982">16:22</a> should have put this first

    79. KatMan Foo

      I used to date this bitch in highschool, she cheated on me after 4 mo the of me being there for her no matter what. And now she's pregnant with 2 different fathers and a dead fiance on a motorbike. Ehh fuck you Carrieann fink I was there to make sure you failed in life :) enjoy the double baby daddies.

    80. Avidion

      Men need love and attention too