When Morphy Bluffs, You Run! || Thompson vs Morphy || Game 2 (1857)

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    This is the story of the birth of modern chess - when the possibilities of chess as an art, a science and a sport all converged.
    The point of convergence was a young boy from Louisiana named Paul Morphy. At a time when America was seen as a backwoods nation with little cultural history and even less intellectual impetus, at a time when chess was considered the exclusive property of a few European countries, at a time when the game was played successfully by a handful of men wizened by years, Paul Morphy, in the brief span of 19 months and with seemingly little effort, defeated conclusively every player he met.
    While today few non chess players even know his name, he was one of the most famous celebrities of his time and within the hallowed halls of the chess playing community he is considered by some as the greatest chess player of all time.
    But this diminutive, unassuming boy rose to fame almost out of nowhere and once he secured his place in history, he retired back into that hazy unknown, shunning the public eye, never again to play serious chess. Not only was he one of great practitioners of the game, but also one of it's greatest enigmas. He's been given the sobriquet, The Pride and Sorrow of Chess.
    Source: www.edochess.ca/batgirl/index.html
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    James Thompson vs Paul Morphy
    1st American Chess Congress (1857), New York, NY USA, rd 1, Oct-06
    Italian Game: Giuoco Pianissimo. Italian Four Knights Variation (C50)
    1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Bc5 4. d3 Nf6 5. Nc3 h6 6. Ne2 d6 7. c3 O-O 8. h3 Kh8 9. Ng3 Nh7 10. Qc2 f5 11. ef5 d5 12. Bb3 e4 13. de4 de4 14. Ng1 Ne5 15. Be3 Nd3 16. Ke2 Be3 17. fe3 Qh4 18. Ne4 Qe4 19. Qd3 Qg2 20. Kd1 Bf5 21. Qe2 Qh1
    The first American Chess Congress (1) was held in New York City from October 6th to November 10th, 1857. Daniel Willard Fiske and Thomas Frere were the organizers, and the tournament was designed with similarities to the London (1851) format, with the provision that draws did not count and had to be replayed. The first prize was $300. The 16 best American masters were invited to participate in the event, including Paul Morphy and Louis Paulsen. Morphy dominated the event, sweeping each of his opponents until Paulsen in the final. Dropping one game in the final match, Morphy finished the tournament with an astounding 14 wins, 3 draws, and 1 loss.
    Not one to accept money for chess, Morphy turned down the cash prize in exchange for a silver tray, pitcher, and four goblets in its place. His victory cemented him as one of the best players in the world (if not the best), and prompted his tour across the Atlantic where he faced the best Europe had to offer in a series of matches, winning each and every one of them. Not long after his return to America, Morphy would retire from chess.
    Materials used in research:
    Paul Morphy: Pride and Sorrow of Chess by David Lawson
    The Genious Of Paul Morphy by Chris Ward
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    1. QueeN Mashups & Gaming

      Well, I actually managed to spot a beautiful way morphs could have ended the game. Instead of qxh1 or rad8+, I actually found bg4. Do whatever calculations you want, this is leading to checkmate, and with great style

    2. Roby A.

      Very good stuff! Grazie Antonio, ciao!

    3. login211

      After queen to h3, why not knight to f1?

    4. Giri Iyer

      I think Morphy's reputation preceded him wherever he went in the later stage of his career so opponents started with a mental block against him many times he blundered yet won people read something more into his blunders even iif there was none so you could say he could get away with murder this is not to take anything away from his genius though he was an artist the best imho love him

    5. Annocule

      I saw Ne5 :)

    6. Max Percer

      doggoe is sleeping

    7. Yaro from Yengo

      What if Ng3 captures on e4 and galloping at the dark square bishop????

    8. remainconfident1

      Morphy some garbage

    9. LORCÁN

      The good stuff

    10. Alexander Harvey Conrad

      Destruction 100

    11. Rish Plays

      It’s all fun games until Magnus enters endgame

    12. David Anderson

      Thompson: I'll show this young whippersnapper from New Orleans how the game is really played. Morphy: Hold my law degree.

    13. Tengo mekhrishvili

      I respect what you did personally for me Antonio, you made me fell in love chess more and I am improving every time, I started to pick up such thing as 'tactical thinking' while making decisions. During my games, I often hear your voice inside my head how i could choose my next move. And in this position I want to thank you for your contribution as there is nothing else to do here. For those of you who just want to enjoy the show the right move is liking my comment as you all feel the same. peace out .

    14. chino262

      Enjoy the awesome video from Agadmator and then visit www.coffeeandchess.com

    15. Sola Scriptura

      Morphy's games are very instructive and enjoyable to watch. Thank you, Antonio, for doing this series!! Also, you should add more ''captures'' to your shirts

    16. Dialogue and Comedy Bank

      Morphy head give to Morphy

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      Dang dude... Why don’t you just tell me to jump off a cliff? It seems you just don’t care about me or my efforts to help the chess community. Plus I’ve been waiting in line for my suggestion(s) for over a year, man. I’m trying to be patient, but what the heck? You said you’d write it down so you don’t forget. I know you have other obligations, but a year? Fischer, Tal, Capablanca, and now Morphy get entire sagas (and Capablanca had that Moscow 1936 mini Saga, too) before Lasker got a winning game outside of Capablanca, and Euwe hasn’t even had a draw. I’m just an amateur with my full time job, but even if I had more time, me individually publicizing Lasker and Euwe won’t do as much because no one really watches my videos. I’ll maybe do an Euwe game, too, but maybe 50 people will see it... I’m just trying to play a positive role and since you so kindly accept suggestions I hoped you’d be a bigger part in that. (Sigh....) I’ll still keep trying but it’d be so much easier for me if you just told me you changed your mind or don’t like me and just don’t want to show the people I admire. I won’t have to waste any more hope that way. Thanks, -Oissev

    18. Oissev Onos

      #suggestion Winning Lasker game. It was agreed to be shown “after the Capablanca Saga ends” but now we’re on a new Saga. I think Lasker (And Euwe) should get their games. How many sagas must be shown before they get some well-deserved credit?

    19. Supernova

      What a terrible game by Thompson. This guy was rated 2,000 at most in today’s world. Morphy has many brilliancies but this game is a poor representation of Morphy’s opponents.

    20. Joshua Lave

      Crispy Card

    21. Trevor Ritchie

      After 13. de4 de4 Why not 14. Ne4?

    22. tomahawk4

      Good Morphy stuff. I hope your family is well. This is a late suggestion, but my favorite game from the 2019 Blitz Championship is Matlakov-Carlsen. #suggestion

    23. zebra3stripes

      If Morphy gets one more win in this match, he moves on to the quarterfinals to face the winner of the Gelfand-Anand match. (Hey, I just turned 50 too, so I'm allowed to make this joke.)

    24. jeremy Meyer

      Every time he says this position was never reached again I usually had a blitz game that resembles it.

    25. MClilypad

      Not really a chess expert but what happens if you capture with knight at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="216">3:36</a>?

      1. Dan Kelly

        @MClilypad yw yeah I think white is already in big trouble at that point even without capturing the pawn.

      2. MClilypad

        @Dan Kelly thanks for your response. That does indeed not lead to better situations

      3. Dan Kelly

        Well ...Bxf5 looks strong. White's knight will be pinned against his queen and next move Black might play ...Re8 putting more pressure on White's knight and pinning it against White's king. It looks bad for White. Even if White castles after ...Bxf5 then both ...Re8 and ...Nf6 could be coming. I don't see how White can avoid losing a piece.

    26. Richard Hunter

      Am really enjoying your coverage of the First American Chess Congress. This Paul Morphy seems like a really promising player.

    27. UpperCrustthe3rd

      Just curious - are there any games on your channel where Morphy loses? I'd like to see that!

    28. sneamer

      First time I'm waiting for your next saga video daily. Morphy is hands down my all-time favorite.

    29. The Algerian Tank

      - No one: - #Agadmator whenever the Italian game is on the board: They should've played the Evan's Gambit! what a shame!

      1. Try Legend

        Only when black play Bc5, white can go for the Evan's

    30. panda4247

      Are you sure that it was a Bluff? Did Morphy really calculate it? Do you have it in the source?

    31. leyubar1

      Once every third blue moon, when the wind blows from the West and the cockerel crows three times in the garden of my enemy I get one of the questions right. Take the pawn, block with the bishop... Today was one of those days...

    32. nonchablunt

      on 02.20.2020 living chess youtube legend agadmator releases an 1857 beauty. not even 170 years old, perfectly preserved, very nicely presented before our eyes. chess notation allowing anybody, at any time, in any way, to enjoy this game. fischer used to read games from the newspaper. no other sport i know of, has perfectly preserved games that you could watch in UHD today or read from the palm of your hand.

    33. nimso.9

      declines the offer to gambit the pawn lmao

    34. M550 X

      Why I cant sleep without viewing your channel... I just enjoyed it...

    35. Storm's Killzone

      Ma boi Morphy

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      that's a very astute observation Mr Euwe

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    40. dkiechle

      Of course they were far weaker than Morphy, and that's precisely what makes Morphy games less interesting. When you have one great player surrounded by many weaker ones, it's not exactly interesting, is it? Take a tennis analogy: don't you think tennis would be a great deal less exciting if you had one Djokovic and everybody else were rated between 100 and 200 in the world? Having people like Nadal, Federer, and many others makes the sport more interesting. It's the same with chess. It has nothing to do with respect, just with what you want to get out of watching these videos. I don't feel I learn as much from Morphy games as I do from more modern players. You are entitled to your opinion, of course, but surely I am, too.

    41. Ebrahim Najafi

      Love that games without clock, just enjoy chess

    42. jason thomas

      Tal looking for money was brilliant

    43. QBziZ

      ... and from this point on, we have a completely old game.

    44. Wolfeson28

      Is there any information on whether the players always alternated colors in these matches? If so, it should be easy to figure out which game was the first or second of the match just by looking at who had which color in game 3.

    45. ericsbuds

      very nice

    46. N20 Games

      That was pretty much total domination.

    47. dkiechle

      Morphy’s main strength lies in the fact that most of his contemporaries were so weak. By today’s standards, there’s not much there.

      1. İyki Gugu

        @Hans Hansen nosel.info/video/video/lauLgIzaeGSetbM.html

      2. Hans Hansen

        But they was not weak. They were the best in the world of there time. Human kind progress trough learning of one an another. With out them to have kinda shown us the way, we will not be were we are today. Pay your respekt

    48. Bhallala Deva

      What's 13 34 16 in the video title?

    49. Knicksboncho

      Morphy was incredibly dominant. Damn.

      1. Knicksboncho

        İyki Gugu I’m not watching your gay video

      2. İyki Gugu

        @Knicksboncho nosel.info/video/video/lauLgIzaeGSetbM.html

      3. Knicksboncho

        @Sean Sklenar yeah that's cool but i don't remember asking

      4. Sean Sklenar

        it's like 28 year old Michael Jordan walking into the local gym to play some basketball

    50. Destry Newiger

      Knight cee-ta-eetu

    51. Connor Quill

      Luck of the Irish truly is one of a kind but with Morphy it is by design !!!

    52. justAnonymous d

      Is it just me or does Paul Morphy sound too common a name for a famous person?

    53. Tech Toppers

      #Suggestion Vidit Santosh Gujrathi Vs David Navara Prague Chess Festival 2020

    54. Hi there!

      welcome back to the G O O D S T U F F

    55. Om C

      anybody missed "Now we have completely different game"?

    56. Kevin K

      pray for the died people in Hanau. I live there and its terrible in that moment

    57. Asperto

      Why can't Thompson take the E4 black pon with the knight ? Threatening the undefended bishop on C5 ? To me it was the way to go but you didnt talked about it, did I missed something ? Nice video anyway

    58. Last Prophet

      morphy could have been rated 3000 if alive today

    59. Rémi B. Goode

      2020 02 20 13 34 16 what is dat

    60. BuggatiWeryon

      The true fans will be here when this video's title was "When Morphy bluffs, you run!"

    61. COVID-19 coronavirus

      Mentioning Paul Morphy as a player in a chess game is a huge spoiler.

    62. George Blynd

      From the fact that Thompson played NG1, instead of capturing with the Queen, probably shows this wasn't their first match. He had his respect.

    63. liu yuhan alamar

      However at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="189">3:09</a> Morphy really can't capture on f5 because after Nxf5 Rxf5 white has d4 attacking both the Bishop and the rook.

    64. Frank Cyrill

      Just wanted to say I really enjoy your channel and have just finished the Fischer/Spassky match as I watched them everyday when I was 15. !! Keep up the good work .!!

    65. zstanojevic

      The probable reason for engine preferring Morphy's move is because it uses database aaaand.. you guess who had won

    66. P 666 RAX

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="224">3:44</a> - Wow I guessed that move but I myself would have gone knight takes e4 :-)

      1. Oguz Kanca

        @Trevor Ritchie oops. Yes you are right. Sorry for the confusion

      2. Trevor Ritchie

        @Oguz Kanca I think you must mean that 14 Ne4 leads to ...Bf5?

      3. 01Versatran

        that was also my thought. The knight on g3 can take the e4 pawn.

      4. Oguz Kanca

        Knight takes leads to BXc4 pinning the knight to Queen with an impending Re8 on the way


      Did anyone find that he called Thompson as Paulson? Blind fold game between Paulson and Morphy?

    68. The Dude

      What's up with the title??

    69. Science and Education

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    70. Vikram Srinivasan

      I would have gone for the rook immediately but Morphy moves his bishop!

    71. Kirk Mason

      Why capture the pawn with the Queen. Why not capture pawn Nxe4?

    72. Sozib Rahman

      #suggestion Hey agadmator, big fan of you. Can you please show a game of Gideon Stahlberg Bronstein vs Stahlberg, 1950 Aron Nimzowitsch vs Stahlberg , 1934 Hence these olds are golds. Big fan of yours.

    73. dick butt

      I'm so early the title is still 2020 02 20 13 34 16

      1. BuggatiWeryon

        before it was about bluffing and running

    74. Shifu RC

      It's important to realize that wasn't a blunder, that was the power of Morphy compelled him to go backwards and not attack. A real blunder is a brain fart type mistake. Morphy bent him to his knees. Impressive. 56% accuracy vs 96% That's a wholesale slaughter.

    75. JK 4724 BOOM

      Yo agad challenge me on chess. Com charizard64. Tomorrow at 5

    76. Madhav Tumuluri

      #suggestion Vidit Gujarathi vs David Navara Prague Masters

    77. Jefferson Thomas

      This game is of little value in that the opponent allowed himself to be destroyed. Perhaps a chess player could learn from that.. if you do not respond to threats immediately you are done for.

    78. Adnan

      Morphy didn't bluff,he blundered...

    79. Adnan

      Morphy didn't bluff,he blundered...

    80. Presing Izdavaštvo

      This game inspired Fischer (who considered Morphy the strongest player ever - according Dimitrije Bjelica's series from 1970 in which Bobby commented Opera Game) for this plan Kh8-Rg8-g5:::www.chessgames.com/perl/chessgame?gid=1044619 (not that mentioned Gheorghiu's game, coz nobody knew of it until 1976).