Who Is Mimir? - Exploring The Mythology Behind God of War 4 (SPOILERS)

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    Today we examine one of my favourite Norse Gods that features in God of war, Mimir the rememberer.
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    1. Angoks Gamer

      hmmmmm Will Mimir returns in next God of War or not? (Sorry for bad English)

    2. Abrahim Javed

      So is Mimir a god or a man blessed by gods or forces?

    3. Real Truth

      So Kratos wasn't even real?

    4. Abrahim Javed

      So is Mimir a man or God?

    5. Cynthia Garcia Venegas

      sleepy head

    6. stephen carroll

      Mimir is the best

    7. Thomas Daywalt

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="5">0:5</a> ha funney

    8. Thomas Daywalt


    9. Dokkaebi

      I love hearing mimirs story when in boat. Really relaxing

    10. cody milmine

      If you think about it mimir could be odin

    11. savion huggins

      Nah never knew just liked the character

    12. John Hanifin

      Given the accent we can assume this version of mimir is a celtic god.i would love to see a god of war game in celtic ireland or scotland one day

    13. Angelo Corvera

      I like mimir in the god of war 4 video game. His story may be short but meaningful at the same time, and so is kratos half-ass moral stories xD

    14. King Jann Lee Disturbed66

      Have you done devil may cry yet

    15. Joey X Smith

      Mimir story in God of War 4 that he is punished and tortured by Odin, reminds me more of Prometheus story from Greek mythology. Prometheus was punished by Zeus for sealing fire for the mortals. He was chained to a cliff or rock for eternally. Not only that, but was tortured every day by a bird that would tear out his guts to eat. Only to grow back everyday for the process to begin again. Only to be to be freed (according to some stories) by Hercules.

    16. Carlos Reano

      In God of war mimir tells the tale of him and Odin going to the well. Except its Mimir getting him wasted to the point where Odin plucked his eye out and Mimir trying to convince him when he sobered up that he did it to obtain vast knowledge lmao

    17. Omnicron

      In the mythology, Odin actually mourns Mimer when the Vaenir cuts off his head. When Odin visited Mimer, he did so to find out where his brothers Vidar and Ve had gone. But in order to drink from the well, he agreed to sacrifice his eye. He was supposed to give it to Mimer but instead threw it into the well. By doing so he became all-seeing and didn't really have to drink from the well, but he did it anyway just to hide the fact that he was now all-seeing. What happened to his brothers, he decided to keep for himself. These aren't facts in anyway. Only different interpretations of storys that has been passed down verbally for generations.

      1. Omnicron

        Edit. Vile and Ve where their names

    18. Joseph Holdman

      We need solution's!

    19. Hugo Antonius

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="190">3:10</a> age of mythology aye?

    20. Jörmungandr The Midgard Serpent

      If oden loves knowledge more than anything then imagine how happy that dude would be opening a book lol

    21. Ephion Kemuel

      He appears as just a head in Too Human as well

    22. Outside _85

      Well in myth, as it stands, Mimir isn't antagonistic towards the Aesir, and generally the Vanir aren't either, with several members living within Asgard now and having very important functions like Frey (god of the harvest) and Freya (who is one of the three death-gods of the Norse alongside Odin and Hel). But as the game stands the Aesir is doing the normal GoW thing where the reigning gods are all cruel monsters and everyone else gets pulverised if they dont like it, the Vanir and cleverclogs like Mimir just got the dirty end of the stick this time.

    23. AsmrtOtakuV3

      This may be a bit out there, but I remember hearing a theory that Mimir may actually be Puck from a Midsummer Night's Dream. When visiting Tyr's vault, he sees a old celtic knife that reminds him of home and later during a boat conversation he mentions that he used to work for a fairy king as his errand boy and court fool.

    24. PlusThreeProduction

      I think Mimir will definitely have a body again. If you remember the scene after Kratos and Atreus get back from jotunheim mimir said something about how they took measurements and what not with his head. I think they are planning to make him a body for sure.

    25. Litty Fritty

      In the game Mimir says he isn't a Norse God....lol Cory changed his Origin in God Of War

    26. Michael Johnson

      Foresight of Mirmir's Well Waters offers a PERM POWER OF PROPHECY and seeing into the Future A power like the Thindercats *GIVE ME SIGHT, BEYOND SIGHT*

    27. Sean Marlisa

      Mimir isScottish. He hinted a knife that came from his homeland was actually a hidden knife scots used, when vissiting friends they put it on a table as a reminder of goodwill and trust.

    28. Mario R Canazza

      "Oi, now that's perfect"

    29. Alberto Alperpaşa

      Didn’t Kratos kill himself at the end of the previous game? How is he alive?

    30. Shadow Samurai

      Atreus: another valkyrie, we gotta kill er......... free her Mimir: if by free u mean brutally rip her wings off then aye.

    31. Allan Raven

      I thought his comedic relief was too much,it started to really hurt the tone of the game for me.

    32. arnig

      Subscribed, i'll come back after finished the game, thanks for the spoiler warning.

    33. JKTheGreat

      Isn't Mimir actually from the celtic pantheon?

    34. Bradley Tucker

      Mimir was the coolest character from God of War

    35. loolya3

      what do you mean who is mimir? he is mimir the smartest man alive xd

    36. Thomas B

      Watched your first god of war video. Now this one..subbed! Notification gang

    37. Houndlord0

      He’s my favorite

    38. Duo West

      (Kratos) I'm going to cut off your head now. (Mimir) fair enough. (Me) lmfao

    39. shaunthegoat

      from how he decribed his time when he was younger i though he might have been puck but chamged hia name and gone to norse realm

    40. Reqkdd

      minir the godness tets

    41. MartyMcmarty

      I freaking love mimir. His jokes are perfectly timed, his story’s are told in an interesting way and his banter between his ‘brothers. I really hope he returns in the next game.

    42. Walk About Prospecting

      If they go to Egypt in future games Thoth will be a defacto Mimir. That Wisdom keeper God archetype pops up in every God of War game. It was Hermes in the Greek pantheon but he was a jerk to "slower" beings like Kratos in the games. The Wisdom Keepers are not always allies in the God of War lore which is an interesting twist.

    43. Kamron Stripling

      I think mimir is pan from Greek mythology that's why he knows about zeus and Athena

    44. Solid_ winger.0x

      I learned quite a lot. The only detail I knew before this video was that his head getting chopped off was accurate to that of the real Mythology. Other than that I didn't know anything besides what was givin that he holds all knowledge.

    45. bigsarge05

      Mímir is Odin’s uncle. Odin removes his right eye for a drink from the well.

    46. Miracle Pollah

      Mimir of The Bifrost Teats, Also remember when he said Brok and Sindri did some uncomfortable measurements? ... Maybe they'll make him a body.. Or just did something else..

    47. DB an

      I love how you used the Age of Mythology well of Urd! It brings back good memories XD

    48. Avinav

      the god of war story made me feel like loki was never really mischievous but was framed as such by the asire as the game's story portrays odin and thor as manipulative and cruel

    49. Commissar Purity

      The best character of god of war

    50. Dymond Davis

      He maybe old but he is wise

    51. bigjay215

      I know absolutely nothing about norse mythology but ive been looking things up. its quite interesting. Do u guys think mirmir should get a body in the next god of war game, it seems that way at the end? *spoiler alert* remember brock and sintri was measuring his head for something..well that's what he told kratos after he came back from the mountain and found him on the ground...also do you think kratos still has the blade of Olympus? Something tells me he does...or maybe he stashed it somewhere other than his house. Its not a weapon you just get rid of..just like the blades of chaos even though it should have been the blades of exile..lol. js

    52. Joseph Joestar

      Mimir of the bifrost teats.

    53. brandon c

      Love his stories but love yours more. Thank you.

    54. Lloyd Todd

      Mimir is odin, that's the plot twist...

    55. Darryl Conte

      I wish Mimir did get Odin high in the mythos

    56. Joe England

      I think the dwarven brothers were likely measuring him for a mechanical body when he was left alone with them near the end of the game, when Kratos and Atreus were heading to Jotunheim. I also think it's worth noting that one of Mimir's stories strongly implies that he's actually Robin Goodfellow, alias Puck, which may explain his accent as he's a traveler from a distant land.

    57. Elder Fidelis

      I love that Mimir wont say certain things when atreyus is around in the game, he stops himself if the syories get to crude haha great character

    58. coladict

      His name is Head!

    59. G.H.ChristoFascist

      There is a scene where Kratos and Atreus visit the inside of Tyr's temple, and within Atreus picks up a small knife. Mimir then comments "Ah, a Sgian Dubh from my homeland." Sgian Dubh translates to "black dagger" in Scottish Gaelic, confirming that Mimir is from Scotland. I believe that the next few games in God of War may visit the British Isles, and my even crazier theory is that Mimir is actually Cernunnos, the Celtic horned god, or possibly a son of Cernunnos. Notice that when Kratos met Mimir, he said that he was CALLED Mimir, not that it was his actual name. Mimir translates roughly to "Rememberer" in Old Norse. Being from Scotland, it's not likely that Mimir was born with a Norse name.

    60. TheShiningRod

      Mimir mentions a special drink he has Odin try in order to impress him, it was just full of 'mystic mushrooms' so Odin was very high, and Mimir says 'I managed to stop him gouging out both his eyes'.

    61. Stephen Rogers

      i hope to see mimir in the next god of war

    62. Mr. Snuffles

      There's so much symbolism in these stories: Mimir is tradition and memory, one of our greatest sources of knowledge. But we only have his dead head to consult. When Odin wants knowledge, he must sacrifice one of his eyes. This could mean that knowledge comes with personal loss. It could also mean that if we gain knowledge, we can see things others can't, but it restricts our ability to see for ourselves.

    63. DatsRandom

      Thumbnail looks like a glowing eye meme

    64. wolfie 81

      Mimir 2020

    65. Rhee Venjenz

      Different take on mirror image

    66. Lil Bicycle

      "Mimir of the Bifröst Teats" - Decapitated Tree Man, 2018

    67. Ross

      In the story it sorta hints that Mimir is actually supposed to be a Fae god or deity as hes described to serve another king and danced with elves in the woods while playing ticks on people as they went. Maybe Mimir isn't the original Mimir?

      1. Mrs LeBronJames23

        Yeah, I think he's a combo of Mimir and Puck from a Midsummer Night's Dream. The other king he serves is the fairy king Oberon and he calls himself "a merry traveler" which is how Puck describes himself.

    68. matthew forbes

      I'm going to cut off your head now

    69. Red Dead Dylan

      I would like to see how marvel will play out Odin life. I think his movie would be far better and more exciting than Thor’s.

    70. Leon Romo

      Can you explain what exactly happened after kratos killed himself in God of war 3 and how he might have gotten himself to this realm. Because there's a huge gap of information left to be told.

    71. SuperSaiyan3985

      Mimir is great, it was a blast listening to all his stories.

    72. DeepState

      I'm surprised you didn't pick up on all the clues that Mimir is really the celtic fae/god Puck/Pan...

    73. King Kamina

      I think Mimir will die in the end of God of War 5 and come back as a ghost in 6.

    74. menagerie organization

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="191">3:11</a> is that age of mythology, I loved that game as a kid

    75. Abdirahman M. Abdirahman

      I like mimir to stay as a head because nothing sounds better than kratos calling him '' head! ''

    76. SpartanUruk

      Mimir was easily the best side character in God of War, I loved hearing his stories, funny jokes and lore of the mythology, great character! The game honestly would have felt so empty without him, I'm so glad they had him be part of the journey it was such a good decision.

    77. MarshallM09

      At the end of the game Mimir said the dwarfs “took measurement of him, I think that means that they could possibly be trying to make an artificial body for him.

    78. Harvest91

      Don't know, could be miles off, (this is based off my experience with the game) but since Tyr is the only other one I know of so far, that the Giants of jotunheim granted sight, and the only other we've seen with those eye(s) is mimir, and he himself has gaps in his great memory, anyone else think they were the same?

    79. Collus Sane

      Mimir is the best storyteller I've seen. And he's just a fucking head.

    80. Feng Leigh

      From what I make out this mimir is from a foreign land and is not if the nine realms. He did state that he served many gods Andrew kings befoe Odin and had changed his name. I had heard from others who much father in the game that he may find his origns in Celtic mythology.