Why ALINITY Has So Much Power Over Twitch

Andrei Terbea

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    Publisert 11 dager siden


    1. Noth1ng_2ornot

      Can we copystrike this guy?

    2. Red Zhask

      One twitch moderator must be a simp

    3. birbs r kool

      Lete guess copyright ©️

    4. FuRyAf1fツ

      thats SIMPing

    5. Ryu Ranzou

      It's pretty simple. If a vast majority of their streams are just chatting they're probably camwhoring. If their streams are mostly them playing a game with a small green screen of them over a not so important part of the screen they're streaming. I do wish twitch didn't allow camwhores on their platform and had them compete with other camwhores, but it's not my business. I've also seen streams where they're just in a game lobby and talking for god knows how long with the game screen being a tiny speck on the screen.

    6. Rick

      Well, PETA did their job for once

    7. REDPLASMA1305

      Why not just ddos her when she goes live?

    8. Prathamesh Shrivastava

      Why are your videos so late on every topic

    9. runway parsley

      Twitch mods are horny per the reason she didn't get banned

    10. aly hemida

      Twitch be simpin hard

    11. Godislo 3

      2,4k thots dont like this

    12. Anticular Measles

      The Mod Team are SIMPS.

    13. Chaali Gamer

      hmm this is kinda fishy i think there is some sort of relationship with twitch and alinity or if not... she is friends with a moderater because its like so obvious and i think the mod never lets alinity get banned if we make a team of gamers reporting alinity or telling twitch about her mod friend to get fired so alinity will get permanently banned once and for all and to make it even worse we'll need a new type of moderater who is resistant against thots so if a mod falls under a thot he'll get fired and the thot will get banned like alinity is even more worse than a thot, first she wasn't a threat against twitch then second, she made a mod fall under her control so he won't ban her, then she started animal abuse which is bad and, lastly... SHE BROKE ALMOST ALL THE RULES THAT MEANS SHE NEEDS NOT A PERMANENT BAN BUT A PERMANENT X INFINITY X INFINITY X INFINITY BAN AND IF SHE MAKES AN ALT SHE WILL GET BANNED INSTANTLY AND EVEN IF SHES ACTING LIKE A BOY THEN... we will have the ultimate punnishment... it is: blocked from using EVERYTHING ON THE INTERNET AND THE COMPUTER

      1. doliio volay

        Twitch is simping

    14. Rebecca O Regan

      Alinity is just female hitler

      1. doliio volay

        Buna andrei

    15. Nobody _

      Just stop using twitch and tell everyone why you have stopped supporting the site. There is the saying "vote with your wallet". Social media runs mostly on presence. Vote with your presence. Go to the competitors. I would blame no one but myself if i stayed and insisted on staying on a platform that makes exceptions to people like that but punishing others for minor things.

    16. E.Tulga

      She sucked them dry

    17. Aditya Rajpurohit

      Andrei posts video Alinity: Can we take down Andrei Terbea's latest video?

    18. Doubt

      Hackers should team up and uncover the twitch mods

    19. Mosisusasu

      In her defence, alcohol is toxic to people too. That makes it okay guys. Duh >;)

    20. Grabmychoppa

      I never head of alinity a day in my life

    21. Elzian

      Clickbait title, I thought you would tell me something new, that you figured out why she doesn't get banned but you just told me stuff I knew already for 90% of the duration of the video to come to just say "who knows".

    22. inotsogood dabest

      I feel like if Alinity watched this she would copystrike this vid

    23. S-N-G-B

      People who donate and subscribe to her in 2020 are automatically classified as simps for me

    24. BlueShineKB

      It sucks how she got banned for 1 day yet fed got banned for 3 days for the clip being on his twittet feed, which he cant control.

    25. ProtoRetro

      If this keeps going well, Twitch is screwed, hell it is just more reason to leave the platform. It is like Twitch is a ship and the mods are the crew. The ship starts sinking and the crew keeps making holes in the bottom of it. Oh and while NOsel is pretty harsh they sort of have to be.

    26. Feeky Z

      The one criticism of this video I have is that the title should be "Why does alinity have so much power over twitch?" because you don't answer that question.

    27. Midnight0moth

      I hate these ppl since they give girls who actually play video games a bad rep. It's fucking sickening.

    28. seby1307

      Buna andrei

    29. Jacktastic One

      Twitch is simping

    30. LatającyWilk

      When you say n word you get perm-ban. But when twitch thot is violating rules (when someone do same thing gets perm-ban) its okay.

    31. Mary

      '' If she breathes, '' '' SHES A *THOOOOOT.* ''

    32. Mario Badaric

      Are u romanian?

    33. Maya Younis

      Allinity: strips Me: TWITCH DID YOU SEE THAT Twitch: **points gun to head** I saw nothing and you saw nothing understood?

    34. Damon HE

      I got banned after telling her to do another nip slip.

    35. Asher Ghoul Playz

      Twitch= simps like makes sense

    36. LatającyWilk


    37. EndsThat

      What is going on in a nutshell: Twitch mods are simps

    38. byw

      If you get a visa through marriage, that visa should be contingent on the marriage. If the marriage is ended, or the "married couple" lives separately, the Visa should be revoked. The Visa isn't about the person moving to the country, it's about the person from the country.

    39. Theodore Saunders

      Alinity Behind the scenes after asking for money on a stream: I'm using them for money because, who needs a job! Disagreed fans: Jesus, why is she doing this. twitch? you mind giving the ban? Twitch HQ: yeah, that was just one mistake..? right guys..? Disagreed fans: you better have a look for yourself. >:( *AFTER THE CONVERSATION* Alinity: I'LL PAY YOU BACK A 50 FOR THIS.

    40. Anony Mous

      Welp, i dont need to say this twice. Everybody gangsta till Alinity takes this video down and calls out Andrei Terbea as a sexist.

    41. Dharc Daniel

      For the people who are asking: "why would she ever willingly ask to receive a ban?", she is doing this just to get more flak on online journalist sites. Whenever she gets flak because of this, she tends to get a boost in views. Just shows she knows how to use the system to her advantage, and should never be taken as an "accident" in the future when she inevitably does it again.

    42. Misk

      I'm genuinely convinced she could commit active murder on stream, and only get punished for it because it's something the rest of society takes seriously. Like, if Twitch could bail her out for murder, I'm convinced that they would. It really just adds to the reasons why I've stopped watching Twitch all together.

    43. Bacon Gaming

      The twitch admins are simps for her. That's what I think

    44. Akshat Gulkhandia

      who the hell is sAlinity???

    45. James Grant


    46. ethanproductions42

      bill cipher <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="182">3:02</a>

      1. Pie Studios

        Oh yeah

    47. Awesomeaiden96

      Twitch is either being blackmailed, they just don’t care, they are being sexist or they are a simp

    48. TheImperialWizard

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="422">7:02</a> lucky little shit

    49. Lily Poulin

      She should really make an onlyfans she would be right with laws over there and far more successful

    50. Shania Chua

      Alinity must go she's a bad influence as well as she's just straight up mean.

    51. Kevin Davidson

      T E S T I N G

    52. Axis 007

      The only thing I hate about this video Is how you said that we’re forced inside no you’re not you are just influenced to I am not telling your to go outside in hordes but you can go outside but wear a mask tho

      1. Pie Studios

        We're practically forced to stay indoors well some people because they dont have masks are forced to stay indoors

    53. ricardo diaz

      Dudes she’s not even that hot she’s a 6/10 with her makeup she’s a leech.



    55. Whiskey tango Foxtrot

      Cats: **exist** Alinity: *YEET*

    56. Rae Is An Animator

      Twitch is being a simp rn lol-

    57. Marquis Welch

      shes the mod

    58. W0lfie13 ̔̏̊

      Two words, Illuminati Reborn


      Not dirt trash

    60. rc04

      we, as the internet, must file a lawsuit against the defendant, alinity, for; conspiracy to blackmail conspiracy to exploit the immigration system false copystriking other fellow content creators animal abuse showing nudity to a young audience we must send a representative of the internet to finally decimate an untouchable "twitch thot" who has gotten away with her crimes, which there is a possibility that there is more than what is seen through the eyes of the internet

    61. Penguinz Playz ツ

      Bro why do you have ads on ur channel?

      1. Pie Studios

        Because it's his job. And that's how you get money on youtube

      2. Ur mom Gei

        Ad rev

      3. Ur mom Gei

        For $$

      4. GlitchDoesStuff


    62. Jacob Wallace

      Me:*sadly waits for alinity to try and copyright strick this

    63. Asu Astro

      Twich are *SIMPS*

    64. The Dragonborn

      First time I ever agree with peta

    65. Ethan Kwan

      She makes Canada look bad

    66. Xx_Samuel_xX R.P.

      U missed the dog eating her Cochie

    67. sεηραι

      Came for the drama. Stayed for the art talent.

    68. TelsaWolverine -

      She's hot tho

    69. wolfchandoesart xx

      I hate her

    70. xeraxiz

      Those dislikes are from Alinity's simps.

    71. Charlie Hi

      She belongs to da streets

    72. Aqua Bottle

      If twitch banned alinity pemanently, they would've done a huge favour for *EVERYONE*

    73. Confusical Music

      When the bully beats you up, Teachers: - * i sleep * - When you touch them, Teachers: - *R E A L S H I T ?* -

    74. Mr. Enceladus

      Go to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="95">1:35</a> to skip the skill share ad

    75. ApothicFPS

      she should #fearthedeer

    76. Tomas Dagum

      can't wait for alinity to copystrike this

    77. YEET BOI

      Thots: Sexism is bad Also Thots: *Uses body to get viewers*

    78. KennyIsClumsy

      Why isn’t the animal abuser banned yet??

    79. the sun cat

      alinity: exists me and everyone else: BEGONE THOTS

    80. [Clarity] _PW

      Lel this girl seduced Twitch.