Why Everyone is Copying AirPods: Explained!

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    The TRUTH about AirPods clones... and how they're actually helping usher in a dream wireless future.
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      Everyone copying airpods? The gear Xs came out 2 years before the airpods 🤔

    2. Root_Login

      I'm surprised to see Anker didn't get a mention especially with their Liberty 2 Pro and Liberty Air 2 models, coupled with their Soundcore app are the best on the market for the price!

    3. Xtreme Antidote

      At walmart theres a brand called BlackWeb and they make some airpods pro but all black and claim their battery last 12 hours on one charge

    4. Tony Hugo

      Samsung iconx wireless earbuds came out before apple airpods. So...

    5. Yan Moistnado

      I know it's not for everyone, but I love my BlackBerry Key 2, with headphone jack, keyboard, two day long battery, Android. Hope BlackBerry keep doing what they are doing. Thought about going back to Samsung and found the new ones had no headphone jack, and that is a deal breaker. I lost three pairs of cheap wireless headphones in the washing machine and went back to wired ones, that seem to never get lost.

    6. Cons29

      The KNOWN brands didnt copy though, SONY for example with their XM3. And the first gen of apple, no rubber tips to me was a no no. I have like 3-5 pairs of iem (and around the same number of headphones), and i know that the rubber tips are important. From sound quality, isolation AND COMFORT. Took apple a while to realize this it seems

    7. Brad B.

      I wish they would just jam everything into a phone and have the phone ugly.

    8. OK002

      ....because everything is going to wireless society. It is time to cut the cord.

    9. PRofessional Bot

      he forgot the major fail of wireless buds: once it dropped and rolls under couch thats it impossible to find


      Loved this video


      Apple weren’t the first to do it

    12. MysticJimmy7

      Steve Jobs would be proud.

    13. Saira Imtiaz

      you copied illinuc's old logo

    14. Kinnai

      8:08 Mate I think that was the MacBook Air, after that you got everyone trying to make the thinnest laptops they could.

    15. Sean Stanford

      Thank you for ending this on a positive note. Yes this was all a big business strategy disguised as innovation, but I actually like my true wireless Galaxy Buds. Especially after adjusting EQ and the hearing test. Yeah my actual AKG Cans sound better, but for everyday use nothing beats a pair of headphones that don't come out of your ears everytime you make the wrong movement and hit the cord. As the technology gets better I bet we will reach a day where we question why anyone ever wanted corded headphones.

    16. kanyaugatiejagwo

      earbuds are 'disposable' tech in that they are not designed to last. After a few uses, having no headphone jack to substitute dead earbuds, your only option is buying new earbuds again.

    17. Ady_zubir

      Still keep my Apple Watch 1 and iPhone 6s still legit and look great Apple still my first choice since iPhone 3G👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    18. DR. Jessi

      Just wait till Apple takes away the notch and the home button

    19. _ADM_

      It's a smart business but its a greedy and evil business that no one should use as a template unless they also want to trick and scam money from people that are struggling with everyday expenses. I admire apple's designs but I fucking hate their greedy as dick moves with overpriced products, cheating customers with computer repairs, forcing people to spend more money than they need and generally being a greedy practice. But hey its a smart business and I guess they are doing what capitalism is all about.

    20. Luke cage

      Samsung> Apple

    21. Lenore Leitch

      And then there are tens of millions of us who own an android phone and laugh hysterically every time somebody plunks down $200++ for wireless earbuds for their iPhone. Most people don’t edit music or need a symphony in their ears - just wanna listen to some tunes or be considerate of a sleeping partner. My $50 JLab JSport Wireless Earbuds are fantastic and are all pretty much anyone with an Android phone would need - and my Samsung Note 9 DOES have a jack which I never use. Consumers, especially of Apple products, have HUGE nostrils from being hooked & led down the garden path by the corporate Apple machine, those creators of problems who then offer handy and exorbitantly over-priced solutions. Anybody who would fork out that kinda dough for wireless earbuds has more money than brains, as my very wise mum used to say.

    22. DumleJäätelö

      wireless audiophile headphones when? apple? im talking to you?

    23. ProneTyrone

      Those clones caused manufacturers to remove the headphone jack, since there are so many of them. I hate them, i hate wireless headphones.

    24. Jenson Groff

      Extra large cheese grater in the background.

    25. agorakuroi

      Guess I'm keeping my s9 then

    26. alex z

      Even if Apple starts selling socks, it will make more money than most other big fashion companies out there. People want it because it's branded Apple, not because it sounds better or works better than other wireless solutions that were released before them. If other wireless earphones pair well with most smartphone, but having issues specifically with iPhone, I'd blame Apple. But the fanboys blame the earphones and will then praise Apple for releasing a product that actually pairs well, with their own product... and will ironically say "Oh, they did it better than anyone else". Sad reality.

    27. Ylang Ylang

      i think earphones like these are not a good idea lol

    28. TheMihail :3


    29. Justin C

      Wait did he name drop the Galaxy S20 before the public knew what it was called? Whoa. 4:33

    30. Moviestar

      What’s the long term problem can occur having bluetooth in you ear constantly? Just asking a question.

    31. Martin Ivanovski

      No, Apple fanboys, they don't copy AirPods because they think they're the best, they copy them because they want the money that Apple earns from selling you overrated, overpriced earphones


      samsung is not a company that copies other companies products( samsung is the best )

    33. Duck1435

      for money

    34. Oliver Varga

      You dumbass they got rid of the jack because of waterproof IP67 / IP68 if the jack was there the IP67/68 is useles

    35. I_am_Shubhro

      Apple: This year we'll sell the adapter separately... Others: Write that down,Write that down

    36. Nova Cuber

      Best NOselr in Dallas world

    37. Alex Pain

      I swear to fucc fl studio and galaxy buds is not fun

    38. Joe Blow

      This was actually interesting. I'd forgotten how Samsung dogged Apple when they lost the jack.

    39. OutLogs

      *I just switched to an iPhone 8 but have been using beats for several years*

    40. scammenot scammenot

      J U S T G E T H E A D P H O N E S

    41. Amir Maher

      I’m watching this video on with my matte black fake airpods

    42. Ethan parker

      Apple in 2030: We've removed the charging port, speakers and camera's so you have no disturbances. These will come as separate accessories each costing more than 1000 dollars.☺ This way you won't need to worry about your wallet because you won't have one☺

    43. Bankhead 1

      Apple is also having to use USC C and headphones are still used through dongles and arent replaced..keep this tech reviewer bias where it belongs. Apple has been bit since 2016 and behind as far as innovation. Is what it is.

    44. Bankhead 1

      Nobody's copying airpods fanboy... The Sonys..Jabras and Galaxy buds lead as far as SQ and call quality and they are nothing like airpods!!!

    45. Rick Rijuana Productions

      I need my bass for sub frequencies so ear buds are out of the question unless I'm gaming

    46. liquid79

      G R E E D

    47. Gaming Lizard

      I don't get why you'd want a completely portless phone cus like you get more freedom with your phone charging with a wire then you would without

    48. Edwin Winter

      I've got the Nokia wireless earbuds as a gift with my new phone. I love them, a lot!

    49. Virality Factor

      Why didn't he include Xiaomi's earbuds? That might be the 2nd best selling wireless earbuds.

    50. ragtop63

      Apple: We're going to create a problem that didn't need to exist and on the same coin sell you the overpriced solution to the problem we just created. Apple Users: Gobble, gobble gobble, choke, gag, gobble gobble gobble

    51. Slimee

      Airpods and earbuds suck for those of us with misshapen ears that can't keep earbuds in without falling right back out =\

    52. Ryze

      I dont understand the title.. the Samsung gear iconx earbuds and others were there way before the airpods even with a case. So is he talking about copying the entire strategy(removing headphone jacks etc.) and focus from apple or about the wireless solution itself. Cause that's not an apple first and I know he mentioned it slightly but still the title is confusing than.

    53. Prince Of Ice

      4:34 *so your telling me I'm an iPhone user now* WT HECK SAMSUNG

    54. Manuel Mo

      I like beats pro

    55. umibooozu

      Jack port on smartphone are for weak Bluetooth does less quality than wire? You saw the QC35 or sony XM3? And you want quality with the dac of a smartphone?

    56. Nealzeypoo

      They are not copying. Apple just beat them to the patent office.

    57. Miku39’S

      I still use headphones My laptop won’t use the airpods without only one airpod working and the other one only working on my phone

    58. Asahel

      Why Everyone is Copying AirPods: because they always do.

    59. Colin Goldthorpe

      Marques so glad you mentioned that Bluetooth isn’t nowhere near a wired connection headphone. Kids argue with me about this all the time, I tell them they haven’t a clue what real cable driven headphones sound like. I use a FIIO portable player plugged into a FIIO headphone amplifier (all portable) and when people listen to an uncompressed FLAC file it literally blows their minds. Bluetooth is just about convenience I will take great sound over convenience any day !!!!!!

    60. Dung Nguyen

      "aptx low latency"