Why I Don't Like Reading

1,3 mill ganger99

    does this make me dumb :(

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    1. Kit&Kat

      How did this go from 200K to a million whoa-

    2. The Young pup

      The book that I would read…is manga

    3. VL2H YT

      Great vid

    4. x Willow the Weeping x

      Congrats on trending :D

    5. Brooklyn Padron

      When my teacher makes me read I just smack the book on my head and then lay my head on the desk and do nothing

    6. Yellow Sword

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="66">1:06</a> my dad is making me to do that

    7. Fahd El jabbari

      As an amateur author I can say I definitely agree school ruined reading for everyone

    8. Dale Honda


    9. Lissa 10

      Jaiden :*Talks about books* Me:Where is Harry Pottah!?

    10. Migthz

      Why don't you try to read manga instead? It has drawings and you only need to read the dialouges and its really fun in my opinion!

    11. Dale Honda

      Hi 🐱

    12. halimatun saadiah

      I love books but.... I read one patch one day on only Word books

    13. *DAB GAMING*

      this video got popular fast and it confuses me


      You can't not like reading. Reading is ducking amazing. I've liked all your videos except this. Also 200 page is weak. Imma 600 pager. Friends are for the weak.

    15. Animateing Avacado

      It hasn't even been a day

    16. Da Punk Giraffe

      I am the complete opposite I was asked to do a report and we had 11 weeks So I did it in 3 days

    17. Vhince Milan Bahadur Thapa

      Hi jaiden!

    18. Prince Emmanuel Embac

      I will sing you my ABC's A cuz your awesome B cuz your beautiful and C cuz your confident and D because you deserved it. No offense btw

    19. Jada Wright

      Me when I'm watching TV. Mom: go read a book Twenty minutes later.... Me reading Mom: you're always reading go watch some TV or something Me:....

    20. *Blue Wolfz*

      Read isn't boring TwT Your boring >:c

    21. Lonely Lone

      "reading is boring" Me guilty of sitting in my bed literally rereading any book related to Percy Jackson (Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, Trials of Apollo, I'm not a fan of Kane and Magnus sorry) 5 times

    22. mimi kitt

      the best kind of books are when you don't expect it to be good, or when you expect it to be good but if turns out to be even better than you thought.

    23. Spitfyre

      The only books I enjoy reading are fictional action stories that no one would ever be required to read in school. Percy Jackson (and the preceding series' within that universe), Thrawn, Knights of the Old Republic, Lord of the Rings, etc. The one book that we WERE required to read in school that I was fine with reading was Princess Bride. Because I grew up with the movie, and that thing is a masterpiece which unlike most movie adaptations, actually follows the story pretty closely aside from a few details like Humperdinks hunt dungeon thing?

    24. sex movies


    25. brunick10

      I don’t like reading books But I liked the Harry Potter books

    26. Dat_Pleb_Candy - 06

      Did you just copy tooncee?? Ò_Ó

    27. Ishaan Bhuteja

      #1 trending btw

    28. Mr Expert

      The wings of fire is a great book series with a odd yet cool fan base there are 13 main books and a few other ones that arnt main cannon my favorite book isn’t main cannon but a side one called tales of darkstalker it is super cool

    29. Evan Barna

      I hate reading but I was addicted to the hunger games series

    30. Jasmine jackaleny

      I love reading and I am Jaden in 5th grade

    31. Wyatt Parker


    32. Din Cirkic

      I can definitely relate to this WHOLE story. It's sad but, I just cannot sit still and read. I get bored VERY easily.

    33. Anonymous 1

      #1 of trending?! Dannngggggggggggggg

    34. Starry Gloss

      I love all the girls there all my waifu

    35. Julius Bhuiyan

      I generally love reading but not when someone else makes me read it usually school because they want me to memorize things and that stresses me enough not to like reading. I'm only 12 but I read a book recently that I think most people will like. It's called winters of the world by ken Follett and I recommend it to anyone that is looking for a book to read.

    36. JakEZ


    37. l a s a g n a

      Jaiden....why are you so relatable?

    38. Family Strokes

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="310">5:10</a> o god is this a jojo reference

    39. Luna Star

      Jaiden u are trending number 1 :D CONGRATS!!!

    40. qunitato

      try manga (anime books) *its totally worth it* (*especially MHA*)

    41. Super Noodle

      Just listen to really loud music while reading

    42. Ayla Rosales

      thats how my life is

    43. Lyze

      Jaidens heman poster is top tier

    44. ShiZhe Chong

      Get a Geronimo Stilton book

    45. Mentally Asane

      aah animal farm, i remember that

    46. Fiona Wallace

      I’m pretty sure I have read 1 Geronimo Stilton book in my life.

    47. XFaith DoodlesX


    48. Falare Games

      Even though you said no I still need to suggest a book series called amulet it's a comic book with amazing art

    49. MadMusic26

      You know what? I get it. This coming from a writer, book nerd, and having a masters degree in library science. The more I learn about literacy and how librarians are advocating for kids in their schools and with their parents the more I empathize with people like Jaiden who've just had reading ruined for them at some point. The number 1 best advice they give you in library school to encourage reading is promoting choice. Letting kids (or anyone) choose what they want to read does a lot more to encourage higher thinking and a love of the written word than forcing reluctant readers to read Animal Farm. I am also a believer in the laws of library science: "Every reader his or her book. Every book its reader." So if you're not a reader but get the sudden urge to give it a go, talk to a librarian (we literally get trained to help find all sorts of readers the best book for them) :)

    50. Tomboyhns

      It's really hard. I used to read for hours when I was little, and I actually love analyzing story and characters! However, it's hard to sit down and read now. Idk if it's because I just can't stand sitting down to read it, or if the analysising gets in the way or what. I'm trying to make an effort to read one chapter of something every day, starting with the Harry Potter series because I wasn't allowed to read them until I got older.

    51. Gaming Friend


    52. Cube X

      LOL YEAAAA I USE TO PUT THE BOOKMARKS IN DIFFERENT PLACESS TOOOOOOOOO............but........she asked me what i read so far basically gave me a mini quiz, so i decided to just pick out sentences from each charpter and was like. “This happened and ......this happened.....”

    53. Jevk

      What quarantine? I'm literally in school atm.

    54. Dont mind me

      Congrats for 1 on trending!! It was bound to happen

    55. 30,000 Feet High

      I actually have really good reading comprehension and generally enjoy reading, but with all the books and book reports they’ve forced us to do I’ve stopped almost completely. (Except for manga cause I’m a wee)

    56. itslimetim .e

      This is how I feel

    57. Hayden TCEM

      Just read the Wikipedia pages

    58. Aleeza Jilani

      I like how in the trending section, this is the #1 on trending then underneath is all of Coronavirus news

    59. Faemeroth Goblinbane

      I saw Dune as one of the drawn book and immediately thought "Yikes, that's a rough choice". Note, I really like the Dune series and have read up through Children of Dune, it just suffers the same issues as other older books in that it has a lot of esoteric language that can make it more difficult to understand since no one really talks that way these days.

    60. Sarah Imel

      Every. Single. Book. I have tried or was forced to read. I never finished it. Why? I hate reading because I hardly get interested in anything, also I like visual detail and I hate using my imagination, especially when I find out that one of the characters ACTUALLY has BLONDE hair instead of BROWN so.

    61. Michael Vallecillo


    62. An Over baked Potato

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="262">4:22</a> That He-man poster.. I need it

    63. kiwi the ghost


    64. Mork Lee

      I think it just depends on what book you're reading.

    65. Just a corner Yes the corner

      Used to be: How i dye my hair Jaiden now: I don’t like r e a d i n g

    66. Wesley Chen

      Jaiden:When I was growing up it's pretty normal Me:IT'S STILL IS!!!

    67. thomas vlogs

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="108">1:48</a>

    68. LPS Music


    69. Mia aguilar

      Parents before corona: "Go outside to play with friends." Me: "but- ok ok." Parents during corona " Don't go outside. Here are some gloves." Me: "No problemo."

    70. Poop Doop

      Play Animal Crossing :(

    71. Sosaj

      Number 1 on trending :O

    72. Unique_Aether

      Booknerd Me: I LOVE Jaiden’s videos!! I relate to her every video!! Jaiden: I hate reading Booknerd Me: ………… BURN HER ANIMATED SELF FOR THROWING ALL THOSE BOOKS LIKE USLESS RAG DOLLS!!!!!!! Also Booknerd Me: I’m gonna angrily read now! Take that 😂😂 Love you Jaiden!

    73. Joshua Green

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="207">3:27</a> Sweet FF7 reference!

    74. WhispRBLX

      Me: *recommending everyone to play Super Kirby Clash/ Team Kirby Clash Deluxe (SKC/TKCD) , Kirby Star Allies (KSA), or Any other Kirby game.*

    75. boss boy


    76. L Garod

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="334">5:34</a> I'm so sorry, I just have to mention that when Jaiden said this, I forcefully paused the video and yelled "WHAT!!". Music is actually my therapist so I was just shocked

    77. Harry cartoons

      Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay a new video

    78. Kalani Hiraka


    79. FaZe_ yomama

      Who else saw SUB TO PEWDIEPIE like 👍 if you saw it 😁

    80. Pokemon Trainer

      HEY JAIDEN!!! I know you don’t like reading too much, but I highly recommend the Percy Jackson series. Also, I think you should do a vid on “Being spoiled”