Why Wouldn't It Work? || Wang Hao vs Paravyan || Gibraltar Masters (2020)

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    Wang Hao vs David Paravyan
    Gibraltar Masters (2020), Gibraltar GIB, Playoffs, Game 1, Jan-30
    Ruy Lopez, Berlin defence (C65)
    1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 Nf6 4. d3 Bc5 5. Bxc6 dxc6 6. O-O Nd7 7. c3 O-O 8. d4 Bd6 9. Bg5 f6 10. Bh4 c5 11. Bg3 Qe7 12. dxe5 fxe5 13. Nbd2 Nb6 14. Qe2 Bg4 15. h3 Bh5 16. Rfe1 Kh8 17. Qe3 h6 18. Nh4 Qf6 19. Nf5 Bg6 20. Bh4 Qe6 21. g4 a5 22. Nf3 a4 23. Rad1 Qxa2 24. Nxh6 Rxf3 25. Qxf3 gxh6 26. Qf6+ Kh7 27. Rxd6 cxd6 28. Qxd6 Ra6 29. Qxe5 Nd7 30. Qc7 Qf7 31. Rd1 Nf8 32. Qxf7+ Bxf7 33. f4 a3 34. bxa3 Rxa3 35. Bf6 Ra4 36. Re1 Nd7 37. Be7 Rc4 38. Re3 b5 39. Kf2 b4 40. cxb4 cxb4 41. Kf3 Nc5 42. e5 Bd5+ 43. Kg3 b3 44. Re2 Rc2 45. Re1 b2 46. Bxc5 Rxc5 47. Rb1 Rb5
    The Gibraltar Masters is a 10-round Swiss tournament taking place from 21-30 January 2020 in the Caleta Hotel, Gibraltar. The overall top prize is £30,000, with £20,000 also on offer for the top female player.
    Players receive 100 minutes for 40 moves, followed by 50 minutes for 20 moves, then 15 minutes until the end of the game, with a 30-second increment from move one. A tie for first place will be settled in a speed play-off. Official website: www.gibchess.com
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    1. Thaplayer1209 The player

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="166">2:46</a> "10 minute rapid game" The bird has a C which means classical game.

    2. Jefferson Rylee

      How agad calls good pawns: Gentlemen How agad calls bad pawns: Guy

    3. Tsion O.

      Agadmator like an average slav language speaking pronounce H like x in Russian. Thus I thought he meant to the Dutch football player Louis Van Gaal :-D

    4. Rombizio

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="731">12:11</a> white could play Bxc5

    5. anosmianAcrimony

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="588">9:48</a> Those four gentlemen's names are Edward, Frederic, George, and Hubert

    6. Rhys Berridge-Jones

      Sorry about what??

    7. Saleh Aliari

      Your analysis has an incorrect part. If the knight on h6 is captured and Qxh6 is played black has to give up the exchange but then with queen on f6 when Ng5 is played Q f7+ is not possible. So there is no need to block that with the rook as you suggested. #mistake

    8. Thomas Wilcox

      Gotta unsubscribe yelling hello into the mic every video is lame

    9. Joe Canavan

      At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="364">6:04</a> extra scenario why can’t the black queen come back and take the white wueen

    10. iMiss Fortune

      what if he only takes milk in his coffee? then he also has a spoon

    11. Paul Deck

      Only listed the first 25? Who were in places 26-450 at the end?

    12. Vahe345

      I love that pic of Wang Hao

    13. Nikolay Kartsev

      What about just nxd6 cxd6 rxd6 instead of nxh6

    14. Special Bats

      Very nice channel, was happy to buy the "hello everyone" mug. Tough choice between a "nice beverage" vessel and being the "hoodie guy" but I have no regrets!

    15. Evil Pumpkinman

      I wonder what's the story behind Wang Hao's picture? He seemed an otherwise handsome man in other pictures.

    16. jazzlover jonny

      After Q takes rook on f3, why can't black play ..... Rf8 to get white queen away from f-file and then take knight on h6 next move ???? thx

    17. Chi

      NIKI RIGA photography should pay you xD

    18. Umesh Patel

      MVL should have been at the first or second place. Anyway Wang Hao almost busted the position of David Paravyan with a Knight sacrifice. But Paravyan somehow defended well and also managed to win this game. Weird stuff! 👏

    19. N20 Games

      I liked you dramatic reveal of the Ivanchuk photo! :D

    20. N20 Games

      You had the perfect quote on screen for this game. Save a pawn, lose the game. Very interesting.

    21. Matheo Langbach

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="663">11:03</a> haha xD

    22. Tam Soon Chan

      I just scored 6/7 in a tournament and I’m going into the playoffs!!

    23. Mouse

      if you right click the photo in most recording software, you can "fit to screen"

    24. Dhananjay Kavoor

      3 musketeers and 4 Gentle men...

    25. Dhananjay Kavoor

      Wong Hans face looks like he's got some virus... you know what I mean... No offense ... Just kidding...

    26. Dheeraj Kattula

      I thought Pravyan was from Tamil Nadu, India!

    27. RexNunc

      Wang Hao's picture looks like he's about the drop a Stanley Steamer. Would it kill the guy if he smiled ?

    28. Phạm Anh Tuấn

      On another story: Wang Hao: *coughs Paravyan: *resigns

    29. Timmy

      Why does he have “I just left the biggest deuce and didn’t flush in the public restroom” standing face? #standingDeuceFace

    30. Niklaus Mikaelson

      Does Wang hoe effected by corona or what??

    31. Vinayak Jadhav

      It was worth waiting for that photo of chucky, Thank you for your efforts.

    32. Dr. Pepper

      Agadmator you said it's rapid but the blue bird has a (C)lassical on his forehead

    33. Frank Gecko

      White Rook to E3, loses valuable Темп. Wow, what a game!

    34. abc 123

      A Chinese with a name that sounds like Wuhan, hell I no long want to play chess I'm going to run away to save myself

    35. Khaleefa X

      *Why does Wang Hao pic looks like as if someone has posted his naked photo where his small lil "thing" is displayed for the open public. Dont you have a better pic of him?*

      1. Khaleefa X

        @RandomDude 102 So what do you want me to do?

      2. RandomDude 102

        @Khaleefa X Still an oddly specific comment, and even though he is Chinese and probably does have a small Wang, it's such a perverse thing to want to express on a chess video. Say what you want but I expected more class on a chess video. Idk man

      3. Khaleefa X

        @RandomDude 102 I mean, he is Chinese or something, no?

      4. RandomDude 102

        That's an oddly specific comment, I'm sure you know someone with experience.

    36. Anantha Narayanan

      Wang Hao may hVe corona virus be careful..

    37. DFTA (Don't Feed The Animals)

      Wang Hao is tied for Boris Gelfand for best photos on the internet

    38. SugarSugarSugar

      at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="483">8:03</a> why didn't wang hao move the queen to e7?

    39. 白飯

      damn, didn't think I'd lose the game like this after these many years

    40. Leftyriver Funforlife

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="972">16:12</a> Oh no , not a chance ! Make sure this happens time and again , you just made my day dear Antonio :D

    41. Anshuman Acharya

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="363">6:03</a> check not possible because black queen covers it

    42. N LA


    43. Vedansh vedansh

      Wang shows his fang on losing. 🤣🤣🤣

    44. William Jones Chess Show

      In the classical game, Wang Hao-Paravyan, Black played the Sicilian. In this faster game, he played the Berlin. Top Players do this so often: They switch between 1...e5 and 1...c5. If you don't know who Paravyan is, check out his game in 2018 versus Golubov. It was the best tactical game of 2018!

    45. Equalizing Respectator

      Wang Hao looks like Mr Chow after a bigger dinner :p

    46. Michael Sager

      #suggestion Gufeld vs Kavalek. Awesome game I'd love to see you cover

    47. Last Prophet

      best headline ever

    48. Gordon Xu


    49. boxingjerapah

      Ng5 threatens mate via Qf7+ .... the Back Queen on a2 wants a word about that.

    50. Zoran Vucenovic

      Mr. Hao looks funny 😄 He always seems to have a surprised look 👀 😁

    51. jjprodigyify

      You teach those foolish GMs agad!

    52. Greg Earl

      I feel deja vu each time you reach down and say "sorry about that"

    53. Ajo Aja

      E5 so clear, what the hell Wang hao thought?

    54. Jonathan Halloran

      Wang always looks like he's been smacked in the face with a wet barramundi.

    55. sall

      someone explain that damn quote🤯🤯😂

      1. sall

        Dipo Ogunmodede now that makes sense! appreciate it😍

      2. Dipo Ogunmodede

        Sounds to me like some people have thrown away a game trying to save an unsaveable piece

    56. Saul Savelis

      why all your older videos (when everyone started to like you) were without balls scratching ''sorry about that"?

    57. Freddie Mercury

      Wang Hao looks surprised at how long it took agad to resize that photo.

      1. Jay L


    58. Deepak S Bharadwaj

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="510">8:30</a> why doesn't white play Qxb7 isn't it a free pawn actually..

    59. Holdem17

      If you shake the Magic 8 ball long enough, Chucky appears.

    60. Wesley Bradshaw

      Okay why does Agadmator always reach down and then say "sorry about that" after the first couple of moves in every video for I guess the past couple of months? I don't get it lol.

    61. AllySuckBlack is back

      China Virus is on the board

    62. AllySuckBlack is back

      Is Wang How related to Wang Off?

    63. Alecto Mediccis

      What the hell, Wang's face??? Wtf????? All his moves are surprising.... --_-- :)

    64. Rareshc Wtf

      Because of the subtitles, u can t see all of the board, which is very annoying. Please fix that!

      1. Mitchell Houston

        . . . WTF - That's on your end buddy. 👷

    65. Mahmoud Moahmed

      Mr Haw isn't a creative player

    66. Mark Solomon

      What is it that you are always apologizing for and reaching down to fiddle with?? Did you shoelace come untied?

    67. Ryczard Petroo

      Enjoyable game, normally I don't watch low ranked players but today I made an exception

    68. Arnaldo Sandoval

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="867">14:27</a> when Antonio shows these standing I always read my name at the bottom of the list 🤣 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="892">14:52</a> then Antonio made a mistake, mispronouncing my name

      1. Eze Posada


    69. Rod Diaz

      Frag. MVL is the almost man in every tiebreaker.

    70. Joe Roberts

      I’m gonna show this ivanchuk photo to my girlfriend hopefully I’ll get lucky.

      1. Jay L


    71. somewhere6

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="384">6:24</a> "...two rooks for three minor pieces which is of course winning". Really? I think that depends on the position. Take a look at Capablanca-Alekhine, Nottingham 1936. Alekhine, with the two rooks and similar pawns resigned vs Capablanca's 3 pieces and did so LONG before there was an obvious forced win. In this particular case today, the extra pawns on the kingside might have enabled the rooks to prevail but I don't think that 3 pieces vs 2 rooks is "of course" an advantage for either side. It heavily depends on the situation.

      1. somewhere6

        ​@Mitchell Houston I don't know what you are trying to do but that is clearly not how it was stated. He first makes the generalization of two rooks vs 3 pieces. That generalization which is very questionable has NOTHING to do with the specific situation which happens to contain a combination. He goes out of his way ("...but even better...") to make that distinction before illustrating the combination. But it seems you cannot. I certainly wouldn't want you as a lawyer.

      2. Mitchell Houston

        I object! The "case" in question he's referring to in "today's" video pertaining the statement involving "two rooks" from 6:24 - 6:34 looks quite situational, considering it's white to move with a completely winning tactical sequence. Therefore, it's reasonable to conclude this particular case is closed! Thank you your honor, I rest my "CASE."

    72. Egregious Arts

      MVL keeps succeeding at failing! 🤣🤣🤣

    73. Clooliss

      How does the ranking work for the tie breaks? To explain better, how was the player "...5th so he could not participate..."?

    74. Chess World


    75. Checkmate Chess Channel

      This is Hao we do it! Oh, we don't do it that way? Okay, my bad.

    76. Vincent Charles

      What's with MVL. Always so near, yet so far. When lady luck has a spite with you 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    77. Forever and Always Gfriend


    78. Timmy Fay

      I like the 10 minute game format. I almost always play 10 minute rapid on Lichess. I don't have hours, but need more than seconds. 👌

    79. Ninad Joshi

      At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="485">8:05</a> why not check the king on e7 and pick the knight?

      1. nicosmyling

        Because of the same following move that was played in the game, Qf7

    80. william blake

      so it was the biggest tournament in paravyan's life, right? shame on you guys, ivanchuk, hao's face, sorry about as usual but no congratulations for david?

      1. Jay L