Wizards of Waverly Place was a weird show...

Alex Meyers

Alex Meyers

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    Wizards of Waverly Place Animation Reaction
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    Publisert 7 dager siden


    1. Vendy Hart


    2. Oscarbella Gacha

      Please do the movie!!!! For some reason I was obsessed with it when I was like 6.

    3. Sunspot Mill

      Happy Belated 32nd Birthday, Alex!

    4. Swegish


    5. Sunspot Mill

      It's also funny how Gigi became an irrelevant character after season 1.

    6. Beauty &‘ Politics


    7. Monique Starr

      "Rather questionable life decisions" Shows a picture of Justin and Selena Yeah I get what you mean

    8. pkat

      as a HIMYM fan, I think I should clarify that josh radnor played ted not jason segal, he was marshall

    9. Zahra Basiri

      The show was kinda medicore for me but I absuloutly LOVED the ending. One of my favorite wrap ups of all time and not just for disney channel.

    10. Simply.elyyy

      If you had a podcast I would be obsessed

    11. Ashley Quiroz

      There’s actually no one in my school “popular” lol

      1. Ashley Quiroz

        But I live in ny so idk

    12. Mia Linton

      You should do Annie from 2014

    13. Pavan Joe

      Hey, do Money Heist

    14. Kyle Pickus

      Let’s not gloss over the fact that most zoomer girls based their entire personality on Alex Russo.

    15. Alliana T

      Happy late birthday

    16. Ezri Potter

      Ok, but that meme was actually really funny

    17. Abhinab k

      Ahh think twice before arm wrestling a 4th grader from any Netflix show

    18. anna isaiah


    19. Panic! At The Piløts

      I wish you would make a video about love 101, it's such a great new Netflix series, but it's from Turkey and you don't do foreign series

    20. SpidersYT

      I disagree with the stuff you say but your vids are still good

    21. Erica Nishe


    22. Erin Widmark

      this show is what my childhood revolved around

    23. Faith Nungaray


    24. Denae Bush

      Happy belated birthday Alex!

    25. Denae Bush

      Is it just me or are Gigi's in shows or movies always bitchy mean girls?

    26. Official Carla Lorraine

      Happy belated birthday middle child!

    27. EV Plays

      Do Never Have I Ever

    28. Gwendoline Gonzalez


    29. Crystal Hannah

      Sooo Tik Tokers have their own TV show now? It’s called Attaway General

    30. Tayaa

      Happy belated birthday Alex💗

    31. noraeable

      Alex: Imagine being in high school in 2007. Me, having a slight existential crisis: I don't have to imagine it. I lived it.

    32. Lois Reddick

      You should do on my block from netflix

    33. sam b

      class of 2010 lol

    34. Rae 1v1

      Does anyone else remember how to build a better boy or is that just me lol

    35. Almarys Cambar

      Happy birthday Alex!

    36. Susu Haddad

      oh happy belated birthday! the end of the video made me really happy and just better idk thank you I've been stressed abt my future lately. also wizards of wavily place gave me life as a child lol

    37. Emily Huang

      Since Everything Before Us is now free on NOsel, I think Alex is legally obligated to talk about it and give Wong Fu some much deserved recognition

    38. bilias hour

      Are we going to ignore the fact that in the background its says "abs the musical"😂

    39. Mick James

      Can you do sherlock

    40. First name Last name

      Can u look at the worst kid show (pickle and peanut)

    41. Lucky Looser

      this show is the best creation to ever come out of disney channel. PROVE ME WRONGGGG

      1. bilias hour

        Happy Late Birthday, thanks for the advice .

    42. Lina Habeenzu

      Does anyone else think he should do Shake It Up?

    43. Zarin Hossain

      Please make a video of the walking dead it is a great show (except for the first season that wasn't that good but after season 1 you're gonna love the show)

    44. Alfred Luhanga

      You should do Jump In! next

    45. Luma Shining Star

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="200">3:20</a> I felt that in my soul *#middlechild*

    46. Macie Lovegood

      Can u plz do avatar the last air bender!!!!

    47. kivu88

      Happy Belated Alex! I definitely can relate with not knowing what to do in my earlier years, I'm also in my 30s and it's as if things finally started moving forward with my life. Wished that came to me at least 10 years ago...but it's never too late man, so continue to follow your dreams!

    48. ABC DEF

      Please watch The Witcher!!

    49. Ava O'Dwyer

      You have to do Starstruck! Please!!

    50. Ellie Whyte

      Could you do a vidio about jupiter ascending or divergent

    51. Ollie Kerry

      I know this is of topic but who wants him to talk about the Netflix Marvel shows since he did the cw dc shows

    52. Beating Episodes

      Could you do liv and Maddie or insatiable season 2 if you can

    53. Enyonam Lanyoh

      Please do Blood and Water, it’s a South African show but it’s in English

    54. Katerina Pol

      Alex Meyers is kinda dumb

    55. Katerina Pol

      Don't subscribe to this person and don't watch his videos he only knows to judge because he is not good at acting or for nor having Netflix to watch the series he hates or another series.He only knows how to judge

    56. Caroline Jones

      Happy Late Birthday, thanks for the advice .

    57. Jordan Wagner

      He should do Perks of Being a Wallflower

    58. Lucas Pasternak

      You should do The Charmed Reboot

    59. Kolos Fülöp

      You should do an episode on Austin&Ally because I think that it would be interesting

    60. Solvidro

      I know i'm late to the party but Happy Birthday Alex!

    61. Pheonix 3

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Also you always say at the end to comment what you should do next or to just say hi, but no one does sooooo........ Hi

    62. Tegan Simons

      You should do the clan of the cave bear movie

    63. Leah Swenson

      I turned 32 Friday

    64. A Melon Named Kate

      If Nickelodeon was the Wild West, Cartoon Network was the back alley gang

    65. x

      I’m currently rewatching this program and it honestly still stands up

    66. If a Puppy was a human

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="224">3:44</a> Every Show in 2000s

    67. If a Puppy was a human

      Didn’t like Alex she got whatever she wanted. It’s like your little sister getting whatever they want

      1. Chris Brownie

        Basically all main characters in a nutshell

    68. Camila Francisco

      i thought he was like 20

    69. Mohamed Ali

      Watch some assembly required next it’s weird

    70. Marta Staruch

      happy birthday Alex!

    71. AB Miller

      you should do Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist :)

    72. AB Miller

      Happy birthday Alex!!! :D

    73. Cassie C.

      Please do Dynasty

    74. K.

      You should do Shannara chronicles

    75. GamingPrez5

      Do kickn'it! It was my fav show as a kid.

    76. Ghala Alhammad

      This show keeps getting better !

    77. Anthony Bangert

      How dare you mix up Ted Mosby and Marshall Eriksen???

      1. aola wili

        yall remember that one scene from avatar when they're in the swamp and they fly into each other? if you pause it at the right time, you'll see katara, Sokka's flying sister.

    78. MissJMaslow

      weirdly the outro speech actually helped me. thanks

      1. aola wili

        You’ve done iCarly, You’ve done Victorious, when’s Sam and Cat coming?

    79. Nyasia Thomas


    80. Ronika Sassy

      wowp is where i draw the line alex