World’s Funniest Comics on The Graham Norton Show | Volume 1

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    Some of the best comedians share their best stories on the red sofa.
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    1. Janardhan Pashupati

      "I made my circumsision (however it's spelt) in Disneyland" 😂😂😂😂 Omg! That was such quick fire brilliant wit it hurts it hurts so bad I miss Robin Williams

    2. Lucy Williamson

      But where are all the women????

    3. Tee Maro

      Michael McIntyre...

    4. Lucho Lavalle

      That last one almost killed me, my god

    5. Emma Shuffle

      Oh how much I miss Robin Williams 😭💔

    6. Elizabeth Wills

      Rest in Peace Robin Williams, such a sweet and kind soul who could make anything funny.

    7. thebl4ckd0g

      I miss Robin Williams... :(

    8. Chris Fernandes

      I really miss robin willians

    9. Its Emily

      I like how ryan was basically DYING and crying laughing

    10. youtube user

      Who was the guy in the black t-shirt posting "Jane has no friends" tweets?

    11. David James

      The mix is always perfect on these shows. Popping a usually less known cult British comedian on the side is always a win

    12. Jane Srygley

      There is simply no show funnier that the GNS!!!

    13. jakedizzle

      Miss Mr. Williams.


      Idk why Ricky smiling reminds me of Emilia Clarke.

    15. Hufflepuff Queen

      Michael is gutted he didn’t think of whelmed,

    16. Ghur Gamaarzelfna

      Im from the planet Pluto and I must say British talk shows are much more entertaining then the sober Plutonian shows.

    17. Moudz

      the Whelmed comment was stolen from YOUNG JUSTICE. just sayin

    18. MystiCult

      Who is the guy in that last bit?

    19. Dasha Burgandy

      that Greg Davies story makes me die every time I hear it. He truly is hilarioussssssssssssssssssss!!

    20. tylerbelgrade

      stupidity of obama hysteria.

    21. tzalwelweetwel

      RIP Robin 🙏🏻

    22. Manohar Venkat

      People are superstitious, but not a little stitious.

    23. boynebula

      Is that robin williams?

    24. shakka ding

      Robin Williams ❤️😇

    25. Aslan

      The way Greg Davies goes "Oh.. Yeeahh" always cracks me up. And the story that follows of course.

    26. Mr. ???

      Am I the only one that had a tear drop after seeing Robin Williams?

    27. Aidan 9966

      I just don’t find Greg Davies funny

    28. Michael keaton

      "I got circumcised in Disneyland, gnegnegne" Robin Williams

    29. Michael keaton

      Robin William's wow after Elijah Wood story is the most wholesome thing in this video

    30. shilpan dutta

      Rest In Peace, Robin.

    31. Roy Winstanley

      RIP Robin God bless you.

    32. Marie Brunner

      Seemingly endorse anniversary question below left name murder

    33. naomi Barrington

      Robin Williams ❤

    34. Elvar Masson

      Let me just take you straight to the star of this video....the late, great Robin Williams <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="459">7:39</a>

    35. Daved Brayan

      Who clicked on it just because of Robbin Williams on the video

    36. RUSS LEAH

      Robbin Williams was such a brilliant & funny guy. One of the best. Sadly missed.

    37. Joseph Rollason

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="368">6:08</a> - This is why I love Graham he was about to say something, then Tom spoke and Graham just lets Tom finish his sentence first

    38. AgentFire -_-

      Quoting Young Justice? A suprise but a welcomed one.

    39. VC Jones

      Awww...I so miss Robin Williams. Such a brilliant comedian.

    40. imbetterthanyouis

      go to mexico and every one has a chit at least once a day !

    41. Diego Estefanía

      ruth /ruːθ/ noun (ARCHAIC) a feeling of pity, distress, or grief.

    42. Christain Marks

      Watching the interview with Elijah Wood and then the camera pulls back and I see Robin Williams😢😢😢 One of the greatest character actors and funniest persons on the planet... in history. Love you man. R.I.P 🌹

    43. David Igleniec

      Robin had a million things to say at once. Looks like he never wanted to hurt and genuine feelings, feelings.

    44. Edmond Badré

      Well there you go

    45. Toni Rose

      Is that a Terry Fox t-shirt that Chris is wearing? Brilliant!

    46. Danielle Gadsden

      Akimbo is one of my favorite words. But as a Southern American, I have never heard of legs akimbo, only hands. I have thought it meant "to place on hips." What does it mean in the UK?

    47. Prometheus 18562

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="249">4:09</a> WELMED! ...YOUNG JUSTICE!

    48. Jamie Volk

      Love the first clip, the country went so much better after they left!

    49. 2-SpaZ-4-U

      1: The underwear story is priceless 2: jodie is still a fox.

    50. virdewinder singh

      oh man Sir Robin Williams RIP LEGEND

    51. superkane

      "Here's the jacuzzi!" --- I miss Robin Williams. :)

    52. Leesus phinx

      RIP Robin

    53. Leesus phinx

      how do people find michael funny?

    54. Sebas Montes

      I miss Mr. Williams so much; these few moments of him are such gold time

    55. Abigail Grunewald

      Oh Robin 💗

    56. sargey sarge

      Hobbiten? The shire?

    57. Jonothon Corser

      2 of the most over rated men in 'entertainment'

    58. Stan Giles

      Please stop mcinrow, just boring

    59. Who let the virus out? Woof woof woofhan

      Jodie Fosters smile. Dannnng.

    60. Luke Roe

      Anyone else think Chris Martin was just as funny if not funnier then some of these comedians 😂

    61. ModZ

      Robin Williams :(

    62. Gil T

      i'm crying of laughter because of Robin Williams. Even from beyond the grave he still has his gift of making people happy

    63. dilushani jayalath

      The underwhelmed and overwhelmed joke was there in 10 things I hate about you!

    64. PS Deas

      Disgruntled, but never “gruntled.” Or, “re-gruntled,” if one us brought back to “gruntlement.”

      1. PS Deas


    65. Baelor

      They've gotta include some of Jack Whitehall's stories in the next one.. That dude is genuinely hilarious.

    66. Mrrored Was Here

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="679">11:19</a>

    67. Love The Rhythm

      This seems like the only show where Celebrities actually get to be themselves.

    68. Nawaz Butt

      First guy why he say to maltese man that he is malteser. Isnt this racist and who cares about hanky panky?

    69. Stephen R

      RIP Robin Williams

    70. Frd Tlz

      Robin williams always the best

    71. Randy Adiwiguna

      One simply does not break Russell Crowe. But lo and behold

    72. Kyote 10

      I love the transition from the LOTR and Robin saying "He doesn't believe in Hobbits" to Graham saying to another guest "This is based on your life, isn't it!?!" *_SEAMLESS_* 🤣

    73. in05vnitro

      2 things are really standing out here apart from Graham just being an excellent host. First, Ricky Gervais laughing genuinely like a child when seeing his tweets and his Jane bullying, this must be the happiest marriage in the world.Second Jodie Fosters aura is so stunning. Aside from that, Greg's storytelling is just on point, I burst out in laughter like a maniac hearing that story.

    74. Cj Knight

      American comedians are beyond cringe 😬

    75. scott never

      why are black people more racist?

    76. james french

      I miss robin williams. RIP ❤

    77. Fred Staples

      That last story, my eyes were watering.

    78. Arwyn Stokes

      The late great robin williams what a comic.

    79. Laudon1965

      I had never heard of “legs akimbo” only “arms akimbo”. I’m American.

    80. Warren Harding

      I've been to Hobbiton, it's real.