YouTube Removes iDubbbz Content Cop - H3 Podcast #166

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    1. icyu p yuri tarded

      Hila looks way younger than 32 she looks 25

    2. Liam Brown

      Ethan. You’ve said the n word on your podcast with Idubbz. Why are you questioning your use of the username of “gaywonk”

    3. Daniel Silverman

      lol bruh ur white. all u gotta do is look in the mirror fella

    4. Joshua

      I dont dislike the eating segments and Dan's chips. The chewing is not the problem. Talking with your mouth full, is a problem for me though.

    5. 망개떡박지민

      Don't swear BTS, In good words

    6. Gabriel Mercado

      Free speech is dying

    7. Skitmaster

      I respect steven crowder because he stands against youtube and there stooped rules but I agree the mocking of his sexual orantation Is a little much it was funny for a while though

    8. Spiritual Guidance

      Talk about what's really going on here, Ethan! This is a step towards eliminating freedom of speech - the agenda. Or maybe you dont want that heat on your back. I get it. But maybe your not real enough to put out what you really feel is going on in the media and what's **behind it**...

    9. Retematic -

      Theres much more to race than just skincolor, facialstructer for example. I won't even start with the jew thing

    10. Anthony Graham

      Have mxr plays on to talk about there situation with jukin media

    11. Wyatt Mcgee

      Do we not see how slippery this slope is?!?!?! a rule about repeated assualt? what is repeated assualt?

    12. Sofa King

      You know whats crazy, I didn't know that Hila was a person of colour until now

    13. Nathan Baribeau

      I'm I the only one confused by Dan and Ian?? Why are they so confusable?!?!

    14. Blondie Boy

      The compilation they did on Crowder was super far out of context, he does that to everyone. He calls his lawyer his "Half asian lawyer bill richmond" and his other host Jared, he calls "Not gay Jared". If someone were to make an out of context compilation of those two, it'd look really bad too. Context matters, so does intent.

    15. Spuddy L

      Pardon my ignorance but are those 2 on drugs?

    16. Giannis TheFutureGoat

      For some reason NOsel unsubscribed me from your channel 😟

    17. Lizzy Tatam

      there are special tic remover tools u can get from the vets :)

    18. Hyperion

      Ethan still hurt after that Gokenarru vid lmao get btfo

    19. Julia Ottaway

      Homelessness isn’t a result of poverty as much as it is a result of abuse and mental illness. $1000 a month per person would be stimulating the economy, but it doesn’t address that underlying cause of homelessness. There is a difference between poverty and homelessness

    20. Progress Gamer

      Why is he even saying sprite? I drink a lot of Sprite.

    21. Presley B

      we’re not going to talk about how that one h3 video got taken down though :)

      1. IanSucks

        What about it

    22. Carl Rygwelski

      Why was I automatically unsubscribed from this channel

    23. Sam Barnes

      It’s classed as hate because the word queer can be used as a homophobic slur also I think he Heard him say tranny which Is transphobic also the fact that he’s saying stuff to do with someone else’s sexuality that’s none of his business and he’s making fun of him in different ways using that I’m sure you are aware but that’s why if you still weren’t sure :)

    24. Matt Ashton

      Wtf is this show?

    25. Bas

      Turkey in Africa? It lies in europe and asia.

      1. Shoenice Official Channel


    26. Kevin Ennis

      Psychicpebbles too?!? That video was way too funny.

      1. Shoenice Official Channel


    27. Kevin Ennis

      I didn't realize how hard he went on the guy. I knew he called him a "lispy Latino queer," but he wouldn't let it go.

      1. Shoenice Official Channel


    28. Frank Costello

      Hila’s such a catch. Smart and beautiful, that’s hard to come by.

      1. Shoenice Official Channel

        i am

    29. Save The Flies

      Gokanaru’s video is taken down and suddenly censorship is a good thing.

      1. Shoenice Official Channel


    30. Riddleman 115

      All of the Crowder twitter segments are taken way out of context

      1. Shoenice Official Channel


    31. Hunter Rhea

      I think the reason why they aren’t posting videos about their changes is because they know every single video they put out is going to be spammed with dislikes

      1. Shoenice Official Channel

        booooooooooom !

    32. Shoenice Official Channel


    33. Scalzmoney

      Bigots: I am entitled to express my opinion! Bigots when NOsel changes the rules: My opinion is SATIRE!

      1. Shoenice Official Channel


    34. PhiaMemia

      With the coloured folk/non coloured folk idea - people who are mixed would be in those other boxes cause if you go with the most commune type of mixed which is black and white, they’re not fully coloured and not fully white, but then it also depends on what they look like - like there are black/white mixed race ppl who look “white” so ppl would look at them and be like “they’re white” but if they look “black” then ppl are like “oh they’re black” so it is very up to interpretation I think with race n stuff

      1. Shoenice Official Channel

        stfu mark twain

    35. Brandon


      1. Shoenice Official Channel


    36. Daniel 2X

      Get idubbz on the show

    37. AbstractTheClassAct

      It's been 7 months since they posted on h3h3

      1. Shoenice Official Channel


    38. Brandon


    39. Shoenice Official Channel


    40. Wes Inabnitt

      They are being extorted and I know you have dealt with copy claim abuse before so I thought you might know how to help or what to do

      1. Wes Inabnitt

        @Shoenice Official Channel I really don't understand you but I'll leave it

      2. Shoenice Official Channel

        Wes Inabnitt shhhhh

    41. Wes Inabnitt

      You guys are awesome and I don't know if you can help but please contact Henri and Jeanie from mxr plays and they need friends right now

      1. Wes Inabnitt

        @Shoenice Official Channel I just realized what you mean lol have a good day

      2. Wes Inabnitt

        @Shoenice Official Channel either way I tried to do a nice thing for someone I don't know have a good laugh at my expense if that's what you needed

      3. Wes Inabnitt

        @Shoenice Official Channel are you laughing at my comment or my name

      4. Shoenice Official Channel

        Wes Inabnitt looool

    42. danny blaze

      happy birthday Hila

      1. Shoenice Official Channel

        danny blaze awwwww

    43. Ccmitch

      omg h3 is starting to sound like a bunch of virtue signaling liberals...... they won't call him gay wonk?!?!!? yet thats what he call himself? give me a break and stop being fake because we all know behind closed doors im sure your saying it.

      1. Shoenice Official Channel

        Ccmitch shhhhh

    44. John Johnson

      Lol Ethan you’re such a bitch. Your love for Ela is always gushing and that’s cute. Women get a man like Ethan (lmao).

      1. Shoenice Official Channel

        John Johnson hila

    45. Nekophilia

      White and color is all BS race doesn't biologically exist its made up by culture.

      1. Shoenice Official Channel

        Nekophilia ikr

    46. Tuil Hgff

      NOsel: harassment policy Me:delete all of James Charles videos

      1. Shoenice Official Channel

        Tuil Hgff shhhh

    47. YVNG D x


      1. Shoenice Official Channel

        YVNG D x lol

    48. Quackin Panda

      Start fresh NOsel take away all the bots and regulations and put in real crap

      1. Shoenice Official Channel

        Quackin Panda lol

    49. Luke G

      Nobody: H3h3:🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨

      1. Shoenice Official Channel

        Luke G shhhhh

    50. aferguson850

      The order 66 of NOsel

      1. Shoenice Official Channel

        aferguson850 lolol

    51. Chad the Almighty

      Carlos Maza has no clue what the first amendment right is.

      1. Shoenice Official Channel

        Chad the Almighty lol

    52. 1997ss

      The left is only for freedom of speech if it is in line with their ideology.

      1. Shoenice Official Channel

        1997ss shhhhh

      2. Michaela Myssikow

        that is not correct

    53. 신문

      disgustoso questi spazzatura....hahahaha

      1. Shoenice Official Channel

        신문 stfu

    54. TheUntalentedRat

      NOsel must stop deleting videos altogether. Be it offensive, vulgar, etc. We must be the ones deciding what we watch and parents must check on kids. Do that, otherwise our free spech will be fucked over.

      1. Shoenice Official Channel

        TheUntalentedRat yup

    55. Dark red Bandit

      Title should have been NOsel removes gokunaru's video vigilante.

    56. Dark red Bandit

      So I wonder why all of the new harassment rules in the NOsel terms of service,read like they were written directly after watching the h3 h3 video vigilante, and the leafy content cop. Only for both of those videos to get banned immediately. 🤔

      1. Shoenice Official Channel

        Dark red Bandit shhhhh

    57. əag3r _føøł

      Ethan, "mother freaking crap". Blink twice if you're in danger, I know someone that can help.

      1. əag3r _føøł

        @Shoenice Official Channel Can you eat some more glue homie? I wanna see Ethan react to it on his podcast?

      2. Shoenice Official Channel

        əag3r _føøł lol

    58. Yeayea Y

      I WANT THE SHIRT IN THIS VIDEO! But it is sold out. Where can I find?

      1. Yeayea Y

        Well thanks but that doesn’t help my own personal acquisition of that shirt. But nice to see you supporting a fellow NOselr.

      2. Shoenice Official Channel

        I got one

    59. Leonardo Melendez

      I love how they wanted to talk bad behind Dan's back and they end up completely just commenting him.

      1. Shoenice Official Channel

        Leonardo Melendez lololol

    60. Leonardo Melendez

      Hila is great.

      1. Shoenice Official Channel

        Leonardo Melendez ikr