Zayn Malik VS Logan Paul FIGHT! [FOOTAGE] #DramaAlert Jake Paul MAD! JayStation OVER! Onision SPEAKS



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    1. BootyHole.

      Tryna get those 10 minute lol.

    2. NONSO

      I've been unsubscribes for about 3 years and just randomly stumbled upon this video... nudah and keem are still annoying

    3. Shay Haq


    4. XD

      get another hose



    6. Egyptiansoldier

      "Jake paul and logan paul are at the tyson AND fury match"

    7. Mahid

      Whys he saying zayn of one direction

    8. Guðni Alexander

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="365">6:05</a> when he said roll it, a simply piano ad slammed in my face

    9. Itz Chrominus

      Let me pin this down "JAKE TRIED TO BE BUDDY WITH ZAYN" Everyone: of course he'll be pissed cause hes harassing him

    10. Jordzyi1

      Seriously people are getting mad about all this, it’s fake news & yes for clout.

    11. Donger Lord

      The Quartering is cancer. All of his fans are troglodytes.

    12. Gabriel Morales

      I like this guy

    13. aexhailing 9

      Y’all need to give Zayn a break,he doesn’t wanna be in this drama,but yet everyone’s kind of taking Jakes side.I mean Jake can’t even spell Zayn Right.The Paul’s are dumb,they just want clout so they can get their name out there again.Gigi went off and I’m kind proud Zayn yelled.If two annoying people were trying to talk to you,just getting on your nerves to the point where you wanna just punch,I would Yell too.

    14. aexhailing 9

      I’m a lil late but they need to back tf away from Zayn and Gigi🙄

    15. Stroze

      GGX GANG

    16. theresachristine___

      🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ zayns english. we swear. get over it. muppets

    17. warrior141spartan

      Am I the only one who came to the comments to the idiots to see hate?

    18. Prince Neo

      If obvious cloud chasers say they were fake r@pe victims we should expose them.. OH But, unless it’s Onision. Screw him. I hate him too but you guys are dumb lol

    19. Anthoney

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="320">5:20</a> “the tyson and fury fight” you are as dumb as Daniel. Tyson and Fury is the same person.

    20. Meanie

      Deleting comments, eww Keem. Don't talk about the host or they DELETE!!!!!

    21. Phoenix

      I leave for a month and what the fuck is going on 😭😭??

    22. Abbigail H

      He was being harassed by Jake, but keep that fact out for clout I guess lmao

    23. Justin Lebron

      Keem seriously needs to get this guy away from the show. His opinions are actual shit. He was basically taking jake Paul’s side after jake harasses zayn like the cunt he is.

      1. James Crofts

        This new dude is underwelming

    24. zachisonfire

      When did the gameerfrommars become keemstars bitch?

    25. BΞΛR CLΛWZ

      I hate this guy

    26. guy 1

      Did this man say Tyson and fury match

    27. Mary Mata

      he has a reason to be mad . jake followed him to his hotel room ? when zane clearly didn't want to be around him . he's just looing for something to tell people about at this point . he's making it worse by leading it on .

    28. Zuher Tatli

      How are you trusting the Paul brothers with a video mid shouting from Jake who is losing clout, what happened before that short video to make him act like that? Also Jake is clout chasing ZAYN

    29. DEZNUTS XO


    30. Thisisoddful

      Who is this little baby keem?

    31. Manuel Rodriguez

      Stfu you gnome

    32. kj

      vas happenin?

    33. Bryn Diesel

      Where tf did this worm come from?! No no no no no nononononono 😂😂😂🤮🤮🤮

    34. Bryn Diesel

      Ewww something as gross as the ass himself, Keester? What a pussy for not showing up 😂😂😂

    35. Captain Chilly Gorilla

      Millions of hate comments? Where

    36. Tactical Gaming

      Can Forest Boy stop trying to fight everyone? It's just nuts.

    37. Halo fan 1724

      All that you need to do keem is to make a public apology then we’ll forgive you

    38. The wolf Gang

      well if I saw jake paul I would be yelling to

    39. Noah Patching

      Fuck keem big up brawadis

    40. gucci gouche


    41. GhostlyyPlayz

      Every time he says “roll the clip” or “roll it” I get an ad 😔😔

      1. Forever Gamer


    42. eureka

      Like really why should zayn go for angry management classes bro. That stupid jake paul invaded his privacy.zayn has every right to be angry. And we support him for everything. We love you ZAYN don't listen to these badasses.

    43. franklin phan

      No its not that you cant we arent use to u because you act weird.sry

    44. Micah Ellison


    45. baseballrunner76

      Good job dragging TheQuartering's reputation based on zero evidence. You're not a very bright member of society lmfao.

    46. Steves Doritos


    47. josh trotter

      Keemstar is trash

    48. Zayn Malik's Girl

      Excuse me Zayn didn't want to be bothered by anyone including Jake and Logan. That's why he got mad. Why can't Logan and Jake's fans get that? Stop trying to villinize Zayn for nothing. Zayn did nothing wrong. Zayn was being harrassed by Jake and Logan. If I was being harassed by someone when I didn't want to be bothered I would be mad too.

    49. Dank Supply

      I thought sam pepper was the most hated NOselr. Am I that late

      1. Dank Supply

        Wait that’s nudah? No blue room? His face? What year is this

    50. amanda wilson

      Zayn has been cranky for a lonnnnnng time now. he felt he was to good for 1D.. couldn’t even finish the tour! & even then I was understanding because everybody should have the freedom of being their own artist! But then he just never kept in touch with anyone.. and every video I see of him these days are just not the zayn everyone fell in love with.

    51. Hyunjin Yanv

      Fuck you

    52. Jay- R

      Where is kim this guy just not doin it

    53. Riley Ditscheit

      Anyone know who those two girls are??

    54. Noon G

      I fucking love this guy

    55. Gaurav.

      *Fucck Jake paul*

    56. Mateo C.

      omg it's been a minute since I've seen Greek and he's lost so much weight im so proud

    57. King Rainbow

      You're a fucking liar admit you have no idea or proof theQuartering flagged Eight Thoughts

    58. Yuma MCO

      I know it’s easy to hate jake but if Jake was just being nice to Zane and Zane just started being a dick like a typical stuck up celebrity then zanes a clown in this situation not jake. And I’m surprised he’s with a girl because I thought for sure he was gay.

    59. Lil-Sam

      Nudah: ROle it *ads play*

    60. fear logix


    61. ıoq ɥnʎ

      That horrible Texas accent LMFAO. Cringy dude, I can't wait till someone beats him up for it.

    62. ıoq ɥnʎ

      Swaggersouls is way funnier than u dude lmao

    63. VVOUX

      Wait, what happened in the last DramaAlert video?I don't normally follow NOsel gossip but now I'm hooked.

    64. Dvante

      ur pretty cool bro but i miss keem😔

    65. fuck the pauls

      I forgot you looked short No offence

    66. XION 12

      KEEM is a killer

    67. Jernej Fric

      I rather watch dude nude than the narcissistic megalomanistar

    68. steven webber

      U must be a fornite player bc boi u arent funny

    69. superbubba

      First of all this ain't even a fight but okay. Also who the fuck are you to say the dude zayn needs anger management. He could ve been going throught anything at that moment and some random ass logan dude keep bothering at his door and FILMING holy shit man. Someone could come and fkn annoy me the day my mother died and I might be tilted easily for example. There is no problem with that. It's not like the man was attacking someone for free.

    70. Carlos Garcia

      DramaAlert is fucking ass I absolutely hate this channel, I change my mind nudda bro you gotta stop trying be like keem shouting like you featuring in morgz video just be yourself

    71. kemosabe us


    72. Norma Rivas

      Bring back keemstar

    73. Girl in the Striped Sweater

      Calling a phone conversation a "documentary"? Ok Keemer lmao

    74. Exotic YT

      Am I the only one who didn't know who the hell gigi is? or have I been living under a rock my whole life.

    75. Rele

      shut up cringe

    76. Annie Sharma

      Logan’s and jakes career JUST STARTED to get better... and they fucked it alllll up... bruh they need to leave zayn alone, he already is going through shit..

      1. Forever Gamer

        How do you know Zayn is going through shit lmao, you dont even know him in real life and he probably doesnt know who you are or if you exist, 😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️

    77. Diego Ortiz

      Laughing *inhales* omg I didn't think that was clout chasing *inhales* fake crying omg onision *inhales* *coughs* never mind I want to know what is his side of the story

    78. Yaboycelo

      This dudes lame

    79. Burt Macklin

      Lying about Jeremy ain't cool man... I know you're kinda crummy and you build your content on stirring up the pot but don't lie about another NOselr who is doing his best.